Loot Legends: Robots vs Aliens MOD APK (God mode/High damage) 1.5.0

Updated 30/05/2023 (6 months ago)
NameLoot Legends: Robots vs Aliens APK
PublisherSalmon Pirate
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesGod mode/High damage
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Loot Legends: Robots vs Aliens

The battle between robots and alien forces will almost be the largest scale in Loot Legends: Robots vs Aliens. Control your robot to adventure on strange planets. Confront mysterious alien powers to destroy them. Upgrade technology to the highest level to not lose to any enemy. Loot Legends: Robots vs Aliens lets you adventure in many places with diverse environments and terrain. The system of leveling up and unlocking new powers is also full of mysteries. Challenge the player to the final stage to ensure the robot’s safety. Use the most advanced weapons to destroy the entire alien race.

Loot Legends: Robots vs Aliens is an RPG role-playing game. Therefore, it has a fighting style and skill similar to many games of the same genre. But here, the context has been changed, Not human warriors. Our main character is a giant robot with many body parts. Mainly your journey with the robot will be going to many lands invaded by aliens. Build high-level weapons and advance to destroy all alien creatures. Unlock new loot and power-ups.

Loot Legends Robots vs Aliens mod

Download Loot Legends: Robots vs Aliens mod – The journey of giant fighting robots

The top-down design is similar to many other role-playing games. Loot Legends: Robots vs Aliens tells the journey of a giant robot. With weapons in hand, go to many places with the appearance of alien forces. You will meet and fight them with available weapons. Use virtual keys to move and attack monsters. Your robot has three more different skills to deal more damage and create effects. However, to use the skill, you need to have enough energy. Notice the mana stats below the health bar to consider using in battle. Don’t waste it because monsters can take advantage of you to attack when you run out of mana.

Loot Legends Robots vs Aliens mod apk

Special tracking device

The robot is equipped with a special tool to follow you closely in the battle. They are called Followers and have many levels corresponding to different levels. For example, Defender Bot with five stars will help you absorb damage from enemies. Thanks to that, you can leave the chaotic battle and go to safety. Mining Bot plays the most important role in finding minerals to make tools. They will use radar to detect and detect mineral deposits. This is a companion when you are working as a miner. As seen, each Follower offers many special functions. It will sometimes make you survive a dangerous war or find resources.

Loot Legends Robots vs Aliens mod apk free

Outstanding power upgrade

Weapons and skills are the two main factors to power up your robot. As for weapons, they are guns with extraordinary energy. Built specifically to destroy mysterious alien species. There are many types of guns with unique functions and complicated to use. Also, equip the robot with full armor with six parts. Replace parts of legs, arms, torso, head… To enhance stats from health, armor, endurance and speed. Skills are used in the most critical situations. Basic skills such as calling missiles, creating shields, laser turrets are helpful in many cases. Try to survive to upgrade yourself.

Loot Legends Robots vs Aliens mod free

Search for rare resources

The robot’s adventure through the planets is not only about destroying evil but also about finding materials for modern equipment and tools. Rare ores such as Granite, Saphitte, Refined Metal are all precious minerals. They are made from smaller pieces of that mineral. These are the most important resources of Loot Legends: Robots vs Aliens. It allows the player to create equipment, weapons, and machines and is sometimes used to upgrade skills to a higher level. They are always the rarest items in the game and need to be used sparingly. If your Mining Bot finds a mineral mine, then mine it immediately.

Loot Legends Robots vs Aliens free

Adventure with robot warriors on a journey to explore mysterious planets. Encounter and destroy terrifying and dangerous creatures. Mine minerals to create many valuable tools for the expedition. Test new weapons and skills to compare their effectiveness. Change parts on the robot to increase stats and survive longer. Surely you will not be able to sit still when the battles occur continuously in the game. Download Loot Legends: Robots vs Aliens mod and explore everywhere in outer space.

How to Download & Install Loot Legends: Robots vs Aliens MOD APK (God mode/High damage) for Android


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