Loop Player MOD APK 2.1.0 (Unlocked Pro)

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NameLoop Player APK
PublisherArpi Toth
CategoryMusic - Audio
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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An app with repetitive sounds like Loop Player can do a lot for you. Loop Player is an application that supports repeated audio playback with a unique tool. Both can be used to listen to music and perform repetitive tasks. You will wonder what this application has useful for users? We can use repeated sounds to learn a foreign language by reiterating a word or a sentence. In addition, repetitive music is also very suitable for martial arts and exercises. Learn about Loop Player’s usage first.

Specifically, Loop Player will be used to play the sound as usual. Suppose you want to use it to listen to music and different sounds, no problem. But if you’re going to learn about more advanced functions, pay attention to the two letters A and B on the screen. It’s the primary tool you’ll use to loop your sounds. Most of it will be used to practice a complicated piece of music. Learn a complex foreign language sentence or any other purpose. You must use this to improve the quality of your work and entertainment.

Loop Player mod

Download Loop Player mod – Audio player supports creating an infinite loop

Download any audio clip that you love or need to use for something. Start Loop Player and load the audio into this app. When playing, it will run as usual. Two buttons A and B will be the start and endpoints of the audio track. You can choose the beginning and end position anywhere you like in an audio way. The sound will start playing from point A and end when it reaches point B. As soon as it ends, it will return to point A, and that’s the structure of a loop. Below is the number of iterations of that loop if you want to run, as many times as entering the appropriate number.

Loop Player mod apk

Create multiple records

Each audio clip will create one or more different loops. Depending on the length of that sound, we will cut and produce many types of loops. Name those loop records to distinguish them from each other easily. They can serve to listen to a problematic sound over and over. Listening to the same sentence over and over will make them much easier to remember. If you are a music producer, this is essential and goes when it needs to be used over and over again. Your language learning process will also be enhanced. The recordings are sorted in Loop Player’s list. When required, you can take them out and listen to them at any time.

Loop Player mod apk free

Connect to multiple sources

The source of the audio files is not too big of a problem with Loop Player. You can get them from video and audio-related apps. As popular as social networks Youtube, Facebook or Instagram are entirely obtained. Or the sounds you record on your smartphone. Audio files taken from the SD card are no exception. Supports nearly any medium for retrieving audio tracks. That’s why their topics are diverse, and people use them for many different purposes. Managing them isn’t difficult with a dedicated list of file types. Which ones come from the internet, smartphones, or SD cards are distinguishable and conspicuous.

Loop Player mod free

Customization and themes

In the upper corner of the screen are tools that demonstrate special functions in Loop Player. The scissors represent the function of cutting and processing audio files in any way. Tap the icon with two arrows to play the audio track again without pressing any other buttons. The other two icons are small storage and editing areas for your audio files. Loop Player is thoughtful enough to create a contrasting version of the colors. You can invert the dominant color position in Loop Player’s interface. Turn black into yellow to make the interface eye-catching. Or vice versa if you want to protect your eyes.

Loop Player free

Seemingly completely useless, Loop Player can still be used in many jobs that you might not expect. That is the only strong point and more than enough for everyone to download and use it. The loop function is effortless to use and quick to operate. Set the speed and number of loops as you like. Manage and store multiple audio files for a variety of tasks. Download Loop Player mod when you need a tool to do repetitive things.

Download Loop Player MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android

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