Lara Croft GO MOD APK 2.1.109664 (Unlimited hints)

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NameLara Croft GO APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited hints
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Sometimes we need to have adventures, and Lara Croft GO is a pretty suitable choice. It takes you on a journey to explore the ancient ruins deep within each. A place that no average person would dare approach in any way. The dangers lurking around will undoubtedly create significant obstacles. Make you work hard to get out of there and get where you want to be. Acquire ancient treasures so you can bring them back to you. More challenges will make us stronger.

Indeed generations of players have known Lara Croft, a series of games from SQUARE ENIX. Most versions of this game are developed on consoles and PCs. The graphics of those versions are also exceptionally high and make many people passionate. The Lara Croft GO version has been developed for phones to expand further. Now players can enjoy a world full of mystery. Dead and ancient things will create hundreds of dangers. Our girl Lara Croft can only count on your help to survive and return safely.

Lara Croft GO mod

Download Lara Croft GO mod – Explore the ancient ruins in the forest

Coming to Lara Croft GO you will still have the same tasks with other versions. That is to help a girl named Lara Croft go deep into the ancient ruins. Your goal is the priceless artifact hidden at the bottom of this building. There will be many traps and abysses that can appear at any time. It would help if you found a way to go through them without getting hurt in any way. When you reach the stops, you will win and receive rewards. It is necessary to think carefully before contracting the most suitable way to solve the puzzle. The higher the challenges, the more difficult it will be at first.

Lara Croft GO mod free

Difficult puzzles

Lara Croft GO offers players 115 challenges divided into seven chapters. Each chapter takes you to a remote part of the ancient ruins. The challenges will be done in various ways without showing any overlap. You will have to start up many building parts for them to connect. But in the process also have to avoid the pitfalls that may appear. Create a way out for yourself when falling into the most challenging situations. From there, stimulate your discovery and can develop it in a better way than ever. The player’s thinking will be comprehensively enhanced when completing these challenges.

Lara Croft GO mod apk

Fight with the enemy

Not only traps and obstacles are your only difficulty in this journey. There were also many monsters distributed throughout the various areas of the ruins. You will have to overcome the giant poisonous snakes crawling back and forth on the stone floor at your feet. Fire lizards can scorch and devour intruders. The scary giant venomous spider crawls around the cliffs you come across.

Along with that will be many other things more dangerous than them. You can take advantage of indirect methods to destroy all of them. From there, they are paving the way to go deeper into the essential destinations you need to visit next.

Lara Croft GO mod apk free

Unlock new skins

Do you want Lara to have a new look and erase boredom? Surely the answer will be yes because Lara Croft GO has a lot of options for players. Every time you complete a challenge, you will receive a certain amount of bonus. This bonus amount, when accumulated enough, can proceed to exchange new costumes for the character. Each ensemble will be worth depending on the beauty it can bring to your personality. Help Lara transform into a whole new person in the blink of an eye. Collect all these unique looks and make your levels more attractive. Increase creativity in what lies ahead.

Lara Croft GO mod android

Collect artifacts

After each challenge is completed, you will obtain a small portion of the target artifact. Completing all levels in a chapter will give you that artifact. The seven chapters will correspond to the seven artifacts you need to collect. After having enough of these artifacts, you will complete your journey. Antiquities with extraordinarily sophisticated and sharp motifs care what anyone wants. You need to get it first for them not to fall into the wrong hands. Go deeper to discover all the secrets of ancient constructions in Lara Croft GO mod.

Download Lara Croft GO MOD APK (Unlimited hints) for Android

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