Kritika Survivor MOD APK (Menu/God/Damage/Defense Multiplier) 1.3.3

Updated 28/09/2023 (5 days ago)
NameKritika Survivor APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/God/Damage/Defense Multiplier
SupportAndroid 7.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Kritika Survivor MOD APK Information

[Damage Menu]
>Damage Multiplier
>Defense Multiplier
>God Mode

[EXP Menu]
>Exp Multiplier
>Stop Leveling

[Player Toggle Menu]
>Always Critical Hit
>Faster Move Speed
>Faster Throw Speed
>Faster Skill Cast

[MISC Menu]
>Auto Win(On after you cleared a few waves)
>Increase Pickup Range(Get the pickup skill first to take effect)

Introduce Kritika Survivor MOD APK

Kritika Survivor MOD APK is a place to test your survival against endless combat missions. You will experience challenging combat journeys with powerful 3D heroes. They are brave heroes and can fight on any dangerous battlefield against the enemy. They are monsters from the dungeon and are driven towards you by evil bosses. So, it would be best to control your hero to avoid the waves of dangerous attacks. Enemies will surround you from all directions, and you must destroy them to avoid being destroyed. Begin your combat missions and confront the monsters in the dungeon.

You will enjoy the action-packed combat as you enter the dungeons. Many cruel monsters the dark boss influences. Therefore, they are always directed towards anyone entering the dungeon to attack and destroy. So you will be a hero and use your skills in battles. Killing enemies will give you much experience to level up your skills and strength. And when you win the challenges, you will prove the talent of the hero you control. Join dangerous battles against cruel monsters and destroy them with your strength.

Kritika Survivor mod

Download Kritika Survivor MOD APK – Conquer the survival challenge while fighting in the dungeon

Your task is to eliminate all evil forces when becoming the hero controller. They are people with special powers and will fight against dangerous challenges. So when you become the leader of the heroes to fight, you will discover their power. Each hero will have a story for you to learn throughout the experience. And the battlefields are also where you witness beautiful 3D images. They will give you the most realistic feeling when confronting dungeon monsters. Explore dangerous battlefields inside dungeons and conquer them with your hero.

Kritika Survivor mod apk

Control heroes in battles

You are the controller of powerful heroes engaged in the war against monsters. And where you enter will be dark dungeons ruled by dark bosses. So, heroes will join you to use your fighting power in dangerous challenges. At the start, you can choose one of the heroes to accompany you. Their skills will depend on the weapon and what levels you gain while fighting. The higher your level, the more powerful your skills will become. Test the power of heroes as they face off against monster challenges in Kritika Survivor MOD APK.

Kritika Survivor android

Combat skills

Heroes will join you in the battle to destroy monsters and clear the dungeon. So, they will firmly grasp the weapons in hand and begin their journey against the monsters. You will control the hero to gain experience and level up every time you kill them. That’s also when they get combat skills, and you help them make the right choice. Any skill works in battle, and you can discover them in battle. Skills can also combine for more damage when attacking monsters. Choose your hero’s fighting skills to have enough power to clear the dungeon.

Kritika Survivor free

Conquer the entire dungeon

You will join your hero to enjoy the fun of defeating monsters in the dungeon. And with your control, you can become the fulcrum of heroes. You will navigate them away from the danger of being surrounded by monsters from different directions. Besides, you will apply your fighting skills to help them destroy monsters. The skills you choose for them will also make the battle journey more attractive. So when you have enough power, you and your heroes can clear the entire dungeon. Fight in the dungeon battlefields and conquer the battles against monsters.

Kritika Survivor apk

When starting to fight against the monster’s enemies, you will have to face a lot of dangers. However, with the responsibility of a hero controller, you must be ready for any challenge. The battles will be the test of strength you must overcome to become strong. So, you control the heroes you choose to level up in the battles. The weapons are also necessary to fight and destroy the dungeon boss. And prove your ability to win all challenges when traveling with your hero. Download Kritika Survivor MOD APK to survive challenging dungeon battles.

How to Download & Install Kritika Survivor MOD APK (Menu/God/Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android

1. Please click Download button to select the MOD version you want at
2. Click download and wait for the file to download to your device.
3. Install and enjoy


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