Kong Island MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) 1.5.6

Updated 23/04/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameKong Island APK
PublisherCSCMobi Studios
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Kong Island

Kong Island is a lonely island located far away from human civilization. With the shape of a skull and a refuge for ferocious giant gorillas. No one lives, no phone signal to communicate with only animals here. What will the game players do when they discover that they accidentally got lost on this island? Mainly the only one who plays the game drifted to this strange island. Unable to return to everyday life or contact friends and relatives. The only thing that Kong Island players need to do now is to survive. Save your energy because maybe the rescue team might find this place. But how to survive is a tricky question.

They were floating on the sea and adrift in a completely foreign land. Kong Island is an exciting adventure game for brave hearts. Players will be fascinated by the beautiful graphics that Kong Island creates. It can bring the most realistic experience to every detail for game players. A world with many mysteries is opening before the player’s eyes and waiting to be discovered.

Kong Island mod android

Download Kong Island mod – Survive on a deserted island.

Courageously move forward to find a way to survive or scream out of fear and wait to die. That is wholly based on the bravery of the game player. Sea water is not drinkable; players must find ways to have food and drink. To be able to survive, people must meet those minimum living needs. But how can you find food and beverages on Kong Island? The journey will undoubtedly have many difficulties and dangers as the player progresses. Prove yourself as an adventurer at three and survive spectacularly on this terrifying skull-shaped island.

Kong Island mod android free

Captivating and engaging story

Players take on the role of adventurers on a journey to discover new islands. Unfortunately, a giant muscular gorilla crashed the helicopter in flight. All those on that trip did not survive; only the player survived. Refusing to surrender to a cruel fate, what will he do to save himself? Make the most of your exploration experience and survival ability to build a new life. Nothing can stop the adventurer that the player is transforming into. Players of the game Kong Island can do everything, even the most extraordinary. Only with a strong will to live can the player turn this island into his territory. Explore many lands, grow crops yourself, and create a life full of joy.

Kong Island mod

An interesting livestock life

The player of the game Kong Island is both an adventurer and a farmer. On a deserted island, there are always dangers. It could be poisonous plants or dangerous beasts waiting to attack all the time. At this point, players need to find the safest land to rebuild their lives. Finding healthy, edible plants to grow and taming small animals for meat is the first thing to do. Players can also go to the forest to cut wood and build houses to avoid storms. Be especially careful of wild animals, protect small animals, and don’t let them come and eat them. After harvesting, players can make delicious dishes. It’s great to eat food made from ingredients that players work so hard for.

Kong Island mod apk

Countless mysteries

No cell phone signal exists on this island for communication or entertainment. But it is not dull because Kong Island hides too many secrets to discover. The blood of explorers is boiling like never before. What is being hidden by Kong Island from the outside world? Pieces of ancient ruins are scattered all over the island, signs of cities. Indeed no one has found this place yet, and it would be great if players were the first. Write an exciting adventure story of the game player himself. Complete quests and uncover all the mysteries of this skull island. Find the most precious treasure buried in the deepest place to become rich. And remember to use the money earned to upgrade your farm.

Kong Island mod apk free

Make full use of the valuable experience of previous expeditions. Let’s build the best quality farm to help players survive. Download Kong Island mod to experience the exciting adventure of life and create a great farm.


How to Download & Install Kong Island MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) for Android


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