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Updated 17/05/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameKIRI Engine APK
PublisherKIRI Innovations
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK KIRI Engine

KIRI Engine MOD APK is a great 3D scanning engine that uses high-quality images to allow users to convey more vivid and diverse messages about their products, projects or content. In industries such as design, architecture, manufacturing, education and entertainment, 3D graphics are now widely used. However, many users still struggle to create complex 3D models with the highest quality. But since the invention of 3D Scanning & Editing technology, how we interact and work with 3D objects has changed. And KIRI Engine must be mentioned in this fantastic technology’s list of outstanding applications. An application that can assist users in scanning, editing and creating vivid 3D models quickly and accurately.

This application is gradually becoming the first choice of design enthusiasts, artists, 3D professionals, and 3D modelling lovers worldwide thanks to its skilful combination of editing features and flexible and fast scanning.

KIRI Engine mod

Download KIRI Engine MOD APK – Smart 3D model scanner and editor

With advanced 3D scanning technology, Neural Radiation Field (NeRF) and Neural Resurfacing (NSR), KIRI Engine helps users instantly capture 3D images of real-life objects. I.e. creates precise 3D models. Therefore, this application can turn a user’s smartphone or tablet into a highly modern 3D scanner and then fully use the camera to create 3D models of every object. The user’s task is to identify the object he wants to model in 3D, then point the camera at the object, and the KIRI Engine will process the image on the servers. In just a few minutes, users will receive countless versions of 3D models ranging from low poly to high poly.

KIRI Engine mod apk

Scan 3D objects with the device camera

With the help of KIRI Engine, users can use the device’s camera to scan 3D objects. It makes identifying, assessing, and investigating objects in your surroundings easy. The 3D scanning of this program is done by machine learning and computer vision techniques. When users use the camera on their device, the KIRI Engine uses sophisticated algorithms to identify the objects in the frame. After completing the object recognition process, it analyzes them using several algorithms to create an accurate 3D model of that object. This means that users need to move the camera towards the object or landscape they want to create 3D models, such as furniture, TV sets, plaster statues, flower vases, lakes, and more and more.

KIRI Engine mod apk free

Provides 3D model editing tools

The created 3D models are flexible, and users can fully interact with and customize them. This is also one of the core elements of KIRI Engine; it provides a series of practical tools to quickly edit and modify 3D models to meet total users’ needs. Therefore, users can quickly scale, rotate, and rotate the 3D model they created. Or try your hand at advanced editing tools that allow you to create amazing things by enhancing details and changing the colours and textures of your subjects. In addition, users can draw directly on the model and use special effects to create outstanding highlights; the editing capabilities of the KIRI Engine MOD APK are unlimited.

KIRI Engine mod android

Share 3D scans directly on multiple platforms

Not only allows users to create and edit 3D models, but KIRI Engine also offers the ability to share those works on many different platforms directly, such as social media, email and the large user community this program creates. As a result, users can instantly post their 3D scans to social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Email 3D scans or projects to partners, colleagues, and customers with just one tap. Post your 3D scans directly to the KIRI Engine community as soon as you finish editing. Use high-quality 3D graphics to convey a more vivid and varied message about your product, initiative or work, a unique way to demonstrate your capabilities.

KIRI Engine mod android free

Users can create 3D models of any object and scene with the highest quality and change them at will by equipping KIRI Engine MOD APK to their device.

How to Download & Install KIRI Engine MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) for Android


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