Kinja Run MOD APK 1.5.0 (Menu, Attack Multiplier/God Mode)

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NameKinja Run APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Attack Multiplier/God Mode
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Dash through obstacles with your feline warriors in Kinja Run. The magic cat is a character you must control before the rugged terrain ahead. You may be helpless in the face of every challenge, but stay close to the cats. With his ingenuity, the cat warrior will combine with agility for you to overcome them all. Surf the screen with the cat warrior to overcome all difficulties and avoid getting caught up in the challenges. They will be obstacles to see if your talent for controlling cats is enough. So lead your feline warriors forward and show your strength in combination with them.

Ninja cat will have to go through each terrain for you to challenge yourself and experience the control. The cats in the game are different because they can act like a human. They can run, of course, and you instill a fighting spirit in them. The mighty warrior is what cats always want to be in their journey. Join them and do not give in to any enemy to explore the challenge. You and your talented cats will soon explore every nook and cranny of the game. Equip your cat with weapons and freely challenge any opponent. Your cats will one day own the world in which you live.

Kinja Run android

Download Kinja Run mod – Explore the world with cat warrior

The cats with the fantastic speed in the game will be able to be controlled by you easily. Each path you accompany, the cat warrior will help you both improve yourself. Take on the challenge, and don’t let the first steps stop you and the cats. Collect in-game treasures by controlling the cat warrior running after the guiding bounty. Speed ​​is the strength of cats and is also what prevents you from finding the full treasure. Along the way, enemies will appear to face the cats, and fighting is inevitable. Join the cat warrior to defeat other forces to continue in the journey to conquer the world.

Kinja Run apk

Crossing the terrain

You will fight with the cat warrior in multiple dimensions and immerse yourself in the complexity. Cat warrior has you can fight monsters on the ground or high above the ravines. The obstacles on the way need you to control the cats from running or jumping over. Random unannounced appearances are used to test the compatibility between you and your cat. You can also collect bonuses thanks to the cats running through each terrain. Your cat warrior becomes stronger the more money you accumulate. You can also help your cat to top the leaderboard by collecting perfect bonuses.

Kinja Run mod apk

Overcome all enemies

The enemies stopping you and the cat warrior in the game await you ahead. Once you bring your cat into enemy territory, it’s time for them to start attacking. The carnivorous flowers are waiting for you to misdirect the cat and rush at them. Cat warriors can also encounter ferocious opponents when overcoming all obstacles. Sometimes obstacles and enemies also combine to prevent the cat you control. Your cat is forced to gain strength before the intense battles on each level. Use the cat warrior’s weapons and jumping ability to overcome terrain and enemies.

Kinja Run free

Collection of cat ninjas

The cats in the game have great power in number and fighting style. With the running speed of a cat warrior, they can perform their technique. You need to gradually discover the unique strength of each cat to be able to fight. Once you master the forces of each warrior, no challenge can stop you. You can choose one of the cat squads to accompany you on the battlefield. Conquer each challenge by controlling cats with different talents. Use your cats and their weapons to fight throughout your journey.

Kinja Run mod

You can now join your cats in the challenges of the game. Those are not ordinary cats but cat warriors with the ability to fight. Cat warrior upgrades are made possible by collecting game bonuses. Lead your cat ninja into challenging spaces and on quests of conquest. You will have more experience controlling the cat warrior through different challenging terrains. Overcome obstacles thanks to the abilities of the cats and challenge the dangers that lie ahead. Download Kinja Run to collect the cat warriors in the game and help them overcome all obstacles and monsters.

Download Kinja Run MOD APK (Menu, Attack Multiplier/God Mode) for Android

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