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Updated 23/05/2022 (2 years ago)
NameKero Blaster APK
PublisherActive Gaming Media Inc.
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Kero Blaster

Kero Blaster belongs to the action game genre, the journey of a walking green frog; he explores and experiences the world around him. The mischievous frog brings excellent skills when using a gun, sniping opponents with ease. During this trip, the frog will find out interesting things and encounter many other formidable opponents. Your task is to control it, go through many terrains and destroy enemies. The monsters are getting bigger and bigger, and the level of destruction is also much more difficult. You have to consider specific strategies, which objects to destroy first and how far to keep to be cautious. The number of bullets fired must be fast and continuous to make the opponent lie down.

The enemies prevent you from reaching the finish line; the way to conquer is still far ahead. At first, you are immature and can not attack strong opponents, making you repeatedly die in a row. The races continue every day; it is difficult to pass if you do not take advantage of the opportunity. Challenging landscapes and flexible up and down terrain require you also to move quickly. You will take advantage of the terrain to find shelter and dodge enemy attacks. The lonely frog has to fight the dangers alone, struggling until it reaches the finish line. Your mana will decrease quickly if you hit an opponent or are destroyed by it.

Kero Blaster mod apk

Download Kero Blaster mod – accompany the green frog to destroy the enemy

You can only breathe a sigh of relief when you reach the finish line, taking the top spot. Initially, you are given two hearts, equivalent to the amount of blood in your body. You will collect those hearts on the way to battle to recharge; the more, the better. It would help if you also accumulated coins to serve later shopping at the store during the action. Only money will make you stronger and destroy your opponent faster. Of course, earning gold is not difficult, but don’t be so absorbed in finding gold that you forget the task of destroying the enemy. If there is an opening, you will be knocked down by your opponent instantly; being careful is essential.

Kero Blaster apk

Meet colleagues on the journey

You are an employee of a newly established company, but many mysteries are hidden. Your boss is a cat, a humanoid office worker, but the face of the animal is unknown. Those two people give your opinion and refute your ideas every time you go to them. After the debate, the better you understand the battles, the more precise direction you will be. You and your colleagues work together, taking on similar challenges. But a lot of the time, they swear, complain, and repeat a story that makes you sick. Although they grumble a lot, sometimes their comforting words make your heart warmer.

Kero Blaster mod

Upgrade your strength

Initially, you are only provided with a small amount of health by Kero Blaster, a few rudimentary weapons. You can’t kill enemies with larger bodies, or hitting anything sharp can cause blood loss. Each time you lose the battle, you have to start over again in the same way. But gradually, everything is related to the power you can possess. Accumulate small into excellent, collect coins to become a vast gold store. Use the money earned to upgrade weapons, and increase the number of life hearts to prolong the match. You have to avenge the times when the enemy attacks without being able to fight back; you have to become stronger and more vital to fight.

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Kero Blaster designed many obstacles and villains in each level; they appear everywhere. Diverse terrain for you to explore and destroy enemies in many different ways. Sometimes they live on high, occasionally underground or on normal roads. Monsters will also be upgraded from small to giant. The larger they are, the harder they are to deal with, and the more strength you need to fight them. You have to snipe continuously, bringing the gun angle to many sides so that they get hit by bullets. At higher ranks, they appear dense, firing as many shots as they can to beat their sly brains.

Kero Blaster android

The animals know how to communicate and talk to each other like real people. They create plans and ways of fighting to deal with bold enemies, specialising in infringing on the weak. The action subject but with cute animation will surely make you excited. This unique world will have many ups and downs, but with your shooting skills, everything becomes easy. Your level of gunplay is increasing in rank, going further in every battle. No matter how strong the opponent is, nothing is impossible if you have a top-notch weapon. Download the Kero Blaster mod to create classy action scenes, and swing the gun to hit the enemy’s heart.

How to Download & Install Kero Blaster APK for Android


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