Kawaii Decor MOD APK (Menu/Free shopping) 0.1.46

Updated 22/03/2024 (3 months ago)
NameKawaii Decor APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Free shopping
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Kawaii Decor

Kawaii Decor MOD APK – is a place to unleash your creativity by arranging objects together in a house. Use design techniques to create beautiful rooms to your liking. Decorate the corners of the walls with paintings or crafts so that every place in the house is a work of art. Everything from the decorations and rooms has a meaning. Collect resources after completing levels and use them to unlock great equipment. Spread your decorating style everywhere you go by borrowing objects to represent the message you want to convey there.

In addition to games that require gamers’ high concentration and hard work, there are still many games whose sole purpose is to make players feel as comfortable as possible. Those are the points that make this game so attractive. Decoration and relaxation are what you will get when experiencing this game; all you need to spend is just a little focus on the items you love. You won’t have to worry too much about being unable to decorate to your liking or losing a game because those things won’t affect you. Just relax and look through the types of items and put them in the right place. Place.

Kawaii Decor mod min

Download Kawaii Decor MOD APK – Decorate houses according to your personal preferences

Decoration has been something that dates back to primitive times when humans first appeared. Hunters wanted to decorate their dwellings with the bones of large animals as a trophy of their bravery. Kings and nobles wanted their residences to be as magnificent as possible as an affirmation of their power and position. Over time, there are countless variations, and the decoration also bears the mark of the era when the newest or most expensive items are always sought as decorations. But in this game, you can have everything to satisfy your interests without spending much money to buy.

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Repairing old places

When you first start the game, the most common motif is old houses and resale for incredibly cheap prices. The origin of these houses is often unclear, and is sold for many different reasons. You will have to completely remodel it to make it a bright, cool place that makes you feel as comfortable as possible when looking at it. You can completely throw away old items without regret because they are too old to be recycled, and your new wardrobe has many better options. Make wild places cosier with your aesthetic taste.

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Types of items and ratings

Decorative objects are extremely diverse based on products such as furniture, tables and chairs, kitchen items, paintings, crafts, cabinets and more. Their designs are incredibly varied; you can choose your favourite decoration, no matter how picky you are. Rating is the satisfaction that the computer will give you. The rating will be entirely based on the default aesthetics of the laptop, and happiness will be reflected in the number of stars you receive. Having three stars is an absolute score in terms of aesthetics; below one star, you will be considered not passing the level.

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Mystery boxes and gems

Those are the gifts you will receive by winning the game. The more stars you have, the more attractive the facility will be. However, obtaining a mystery box can only happen a few times because each package contains beautiful items. You will receive a random thing to use in the next game whenever you open a mystery box. Gems will be something you receive regularly through winning matches. Gems will act as a currency for you to make transactions. Use them to buy beautiful rooms and satisfy your personal preferences.

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New chapters

There will be countless chapters so you can freely explore new places and beautiful items. You will need to complete a complete chapter before you can unlock a new chapter with houses waiting for you. Each chapter is a surprise waiting for you. You will become the most beautiful decorator for the places you go and improve your interior aesthetics with Kawaii Decor MOD APK.

How to Download & Install Kawaii Decor MOD APK (Menu/Free shopping) for Android


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