Just Kill Me 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Time Fragments, Holy Orbs, Max VIP) 17.1

Updated 18/08/2023 (11 months ago)
NameJust Kill Me 3 APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Time Fragments, Holy Orbs, Max VIP
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Just Kill Me 3

Just Kill Me 3 is the third installment of the hit simulation game series of the same name. This is the continuation of the success of the old series in the form of new characters. New characters are funnier, more interesting, and more epic, bringing more interesting emotions. The humorous plot is communicated to you through the mouth of a white creature. It has a cute cat head but a human body. Your job is to fight a giant creature called Demon God. Balloons with cute faces are your offensive weapons. Hold them in your hand and throw them at the demon god to destroy that giant demon.

After the foreword of the white cat human, there are two characters for you to choose from. That is Stray Cat and Demon God, it is necessary to choose the right character for the player to enter the battle. Skin-colored balls with cute faces named Tama. As mentioned above, they are the main weapon of the player. Just touch these Tama balls, they will fly to the demon cat. Attack them quickly, like fireballs. If this ball touches a demon, it will explode and cause a fire. Because the number of Tama is limited, players need to have accurate touches to both destroy the enemy and consume the least weapons.

Just Kill Me 3 mod apk

Download Just Kill Me three mod – Turn Tama spheres into advanced weapons to destroy all demons.

The screen is divided into two parts, the upper part stand for the devil. The lower part is the location of the Tama balls. The number of these balls in a challenge is limited. These Tama orbs have different attacks, hitting multiple enemy locations. There are many support tools at the bottom of the screen if the player is in danger. As soon as the Demon God is defeated, another will appear shortly after in a different form. provocative, provocative expressions and forms. Each of these new appearances brings with it a different mission. Therefore, these challenges consume a lot of time for players.

Just Kill Me 3 apk

Increase character power

After winning a number of Just Kill Me 3’s challenge battles, players can gain access to some of the character’s functional mechanics. For example, the player can use the gold coins earned. Use it to buy more health to increase Tama’s attack ability. For example, the Tama fever card helps the player create a rain of Tamas orbs within 10 seconds. Or the Learn Skill card has a yellow question mark. This card allows the player to learn a new skill such as Zappity Zap or Tamachine Gun. Each card has powerful functions such as increasing Tama’s combat power by 400 times or having a gun that shoots Tama for 10 seconds.

Just Kill Me 3 android

Variety of Tamas

It starts with just a skin-colored beginner Tama with a cute face. After becoming familiar with the abilities of these balls, there are additional appearances of other colored balls. For example, Tama is red with a scowling, angry face. It deals more damage to enemies because it is a fatal attack. They only crept a few of the normal Tama fruits because of their great destructive power. When hit, the demon cat’s body turns white to red, and explosions occur. The Demon God’s veins are on the head until they are exhausted. There will be a new line filling up right away because it will be another cat demon instead.

Just Kill Me 3 mod

Support character

In addition to Tama balls with great destructive power, Just Kill Me three offers cards that unlock support characters. It’s late at night for cards that double bonus or double power. Come here with cards that bring in other support characters. They were placed on pillars and aimed directly at the Demon God in the center. The gun with angel wings shoots directly at the enemy. The white ghost with two legs shot at the Demon God with purple balls of light. Baku in the form of an elephant and rhinoceros. Every 2 seconds, it shoots a beam of light at the cat demon. And there are many more characters waiting for you to discover.

Just Kill Me 3 apk free

Cat Demons appear continuously in different forms. Sometimes he clapped his hands with disdain. Sometimes he covers his face but intentionally reveals one eye. Or hands holding up different numbers. In addition, players can also receive rewards such as energy boosters. It is a blue solution in a test tube. Drinking increases Tamas’ strength by ten times, but only for one challenge. Persevere, the last one standing is the Tama balls or the evil cat demon. Download Just Kill Me three mod the uncompromising battle between Tamas balls and Demons.

How to Download & Install Just Kill Me 3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Time Fragments, Holy Orbs, Max VIP) for Android


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