Jumbo Airport Story MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, Research Point) 1.4.4

Updated 29/10/2023 (4 months ago)
NameJumbo Airport Story APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money, Research Point
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Jumbo Airport Story

An art-style airport simulation game called Jumbo Airport Story. In a deserted suburb, where lies a vast untapped land. Here you can find an ideal land for opening an airport with long runways and large garages. Although there are no terrorist battles in Jumbo Airport Story, there are no violent conflicts. But Jumbo Airport Story vaanc attracts players with the visits of millions of tourists around the world. Here, you will be transported to different countries via transcontinental flights and set up your bases there.

The airport operates day and night, always as bright as day. Build a lot of entertainment and rest places so customers can find them while waiting for the flight or just getting off the plane. Because in addition to collecting money by commercial flights, it is also a great source of money for players. A small tip for players should start with a cafe or bookstore for visitors to rest. Then generate great passive income. Right from the airport door, there is the word Airport. A small cafe in the corner with the green-shirted employee. Adjacent is a bookstore with a librarian in a blue shirt.

Jumbo Airport Story apk

Download Jumbo Airport Story mod – Self-built airport with sweat and labor attracts millions of visitors.

Airports that are too large can make traveling tired. Place rows of blue seats scattered throughout the airport. Customers can sit and rest at any time. To add relaxation and ease the eyes, place more trees and ornamental plants at the corners of the building. Because the airport takes the main tone of blue, which is soothing to the eyes. So the floor is completely paved with blue stone. With many entrance areas and rows of doors made of see-through glass. Surrounding the front is a large road and pedestrian path. People move around in a hurry, and books with their belongings are busy up and down. More satisfied visitors will generate experience and money to build.

Jumbo Airport Story mod apk

Open entertainment venue

If you wait for the flights, it will take a long time for players to become rich. Instead, build more shops, restaurants, bookstores, and entertainment venues,… From there, they earn more money to buy decorative objects. Check-in and check-out areas are located in easy-to-observe places. Small restaurant with two or three sets of tables and chairs, staff standing at the counter wearing green aprons. A beverage shop with a variety of drinks. Next to the luggage conveyor belt, there are pots of roses and peach blossoms. Blue, red, and white vending machines are located close to the wall next to the exit gate. The exit gate has a sign with the word Gate with a black door and a gray check-in counter.

Jumbo Airport Story mod

Fly to all countries

Jumbo Airport Story provides a world map when the player clicks on Maps. Observe where your destination is located, the name will be on the map. For example, on an unnamed island in the sea. Set up three landing sites with yellow planes in flight. East City with the image of two blue and red buildings located on green lawns. Awesome Airport features an airport with mini airplane models next to it. Northsea is located on an island covered with white snow. Next to each place name is a small image representing the specialty or prominent places in this area.

Jumbo Airport Story apk free

Many planes

To serve millions of different visitors and to countries around the world. Jumbo Airport Story brings together planes from many airlines. The plane is all white as the main color. The difference is that there are those with additional bands of blue, green, or red. The tail of the aircraft is also different when there is one with a vertical wing, while others have two mini horizontal wings parallel to the wing. On the wing side, there could be jet tubes or one or two propellers. There are propeller planes for short flights and small numbers of passengers. After full of passengers, follow the directions and exit the flight path to fly up.

Jumbo Airport Story android

Before there are flights with hundreds of passengers, it is necessary to check the information of that flight. There is a panel showing the plane name and destination in which country. The aircraft model belongs to which airline, and the number and appearance of passengers are displayed in the right row. The passengers are also diverse in appearance and work. There are young people wearing colorful floral clothes. Office workers are still wearing business attire. Airport staff wear gray protective suits. The hand holding the red baton attracts the attention of other guides and crews in the Jumbo Airport Story mod.

How to Download & Install Jumbo Airport Story MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, Research Point) for Android


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