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Every action and choice determines who you are, what role you play, and what you bring to the story. Those are many of the criteria that Journeys: Interactive Series of life simulator games aim for. Initially, it was quite new and not interested by gamers. But later when the live scroll becomes more and more fast and hasty. People will gradually pay attention to this genre. A series of games about life and dating was born. Same as the very game I just mentioned to you – this Journeys: Interactive Series.

The most interesting thing that such games create. Often will be unexpected situations in life. Or how the characters will react when you choose to decide like this, like that. Anyway, the most special point is probably still the authenticity and closeness of the characters in the game. Makes us feel like we are really living in that world. It’s one of the factors that people flock to playing emulators. Now it’s time for Journeys: Interactive Series.

Journeys Interactive Series mod

Download Journeys: Interactive Series – Experience the most unique stories

Journeys: Interactive Series stories will be divided into many different genres. Like a library full of novels. From love, school, detective, horror, drama, marriage… Almost every topic you can think of will appear in this game. So don’t worry too much because the game doesn’t suit your needs. Unless you’re not a fan of stories. Ignore it, anyway with a pretty large number as well as bringing a lot of interesting details. You can play for a very long time in this virtual library.

Each story will have the main character controlled by you. Choose your gender, appearance and start playing right away. The story will consist of different chapters that tell about the character’s journey. From gentle openings to many unexpected climaxes and episodes. Finally, the ending will leave a lot of resonance for players. However, options will appear with a steady frequency for you to choose from. And that’s exactly why a story has so many endings and forks.

Journeys Interactive Series mod apk

Communicate, interact and act

All you have to do in a simulator like Journeys: Interactive Series is talk to other characters. That’s right, your character will play a certain role in the life there. So interacting with the rest of the characters is a must. Next are the sentences you will choose to answer the character who is talking to you. Depends on the situation and the story in question. Please choose the answer that best suits you. It will lead to many different episodes and emotions of the character. The third is the action in the game, sometimes there will be a time limit to choose quickly. Otherwise, there will be serious consequences.

Journeys Interactive Series mod apk free

Accept turning points and endings

The choices you make will inevitably have some impact. It can be very minor or extremely serious. For example, mocking other characters or not acting and doing wrong actions of the time. Bad things are bound to happen, or you’ll lose that character’s connection and intimacy. It is even possible to lose a life in many action games. Those are just lessons that you have to take. If you want, you can completely return to the level after completing that chapter. To be able to change the bad things, and avoid the worst ending that happens later.

Journeys Interactive Series mod free

Typical stories

Perhaps the following works will suit your taste. Let’s take a look at some typical stories. The first is Recipe Of Love, the story of a young female chef on a journey to New York. On the way to becoming a professional female chef, love stories will continue to happen. Next up is Linda Brown, a story that has won numerous awards and rave reviews. You can learn it in the separate game section. Or Vampira, on the journey of a talented female writer who is strangely invited. Saying that he can help her become famous by going through a mysterious marriage. There are also many other stories for you to explore freely.

Journeys Interactive Series mod mod

Most of all the stories in Journey: Interactive Series if not won many prestigious awards. Also praised by the players for the insight. The plot is engaging and thrilling to each stage. You won’t get a second chance to enjoy stories like this in your lifetime. So take your time to play Journey: Interactive Series mod. You will explore every situation in this life from many different perspectives.

Download Journeys: Interactive Series MOD APK (Free Premium choices) for Android

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