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Updated 16/04/2022 (2 years ago)
NameJotNot Pro APK
PublisherMobiTech 3000 LLC
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK JotNot Pro

Change the way you convert documents to digital with JotNot Pro. This problem is no longer old for office workers and documents-related work. Indeed you have experienced the feeling that scanning documents are highly time-consuming, right? To make this no longer a nightmare, JotNot Pro is the application you should download. It will help you to convert documents to digital form with outstanding speed. Minimize your document scanning time. Make other important tasks smoother and more efficient.

Before document scanning apps were born, almost everyone had to carry a lot of important papers and documents in their pocket. Those crucial documents are definitely for large meetings or projects. It’s virtually impossible not to bring them with you. So inconvenience and burden are always the obsession of office workers. To improve that situation, applications like JotNot Pro were born. So instead of carrying documents like before, we will transfer them to the smartphone. Just scan and wait for a few seconds.

JotNot Pro mod

Download JotNot Pro mod – Digitize countless documents into compact smartphone

JotNot Pro has a special scanner. It is used to scan real-life paper documents. Then all will be detained and put inside the smartphone. The input data will exist as a document of extremely small size. This is entirely understandable because the text does not take too much space. Then you need to download that document to the system, and you’re done. You have kept a lot of essential documents. Mainly you don’t need to carry anything at all. Because it’s all inside the smartphone, you can take it out at any time. This applies to all documents from documents, invoices, contracts…

JotNot Pro mod apk

Scan all kinds of documents

Do you think JotNot Pro is only used to store office documents? It can do so much more. Specifically, unlimited data can be scanned on a standard sheet of paper. You can keep any document. From contracts or purchase invoices. Important notes like recipes or upcoming plans. Even photos can be easily scanned and stored on a smartphone. All are safe to download and store in a library or discreetly if it’s crucial data.

JotNot Pro mod apk free

Quick and convenient action

Once you’ve scanned and got your first version of the documents, you’ll probably want to tweak them a bit. Because there will be wrinkled or folded documents, ink smudge errors when printing… That will cause the conversion to PDF data to appear with a few stains or streaks. It may not be necessary, but it would be inconvenient to hide the primary information of the document. Use the tools to remove them. Remove shadows, adjust contrast, and change black and white tones as you like. Then rearrange the folders you’ve scanned with multiple names for easy identification.

JotNot Pro mod free

Document security in the app

There are significant data specific to work and projects. You certainly can’t leave them out openly and openly. So secure them with the security tools available in JotNot Pro. Password or fingerprint security is the safest and most effective way. Avoid problems like unauthorized access and sudden data loss. Keeping documents safe is always a top priority. You might consider moving them over to cloud storage for added security.

JotNot Pro free

Make data protection easier and less inconvenient with a simple smartphone app. Scan documents with the scanner in seconds and save them instantly. Works with all types of documents and serves all user purposes. Those are the essential things that JotNot Pro can bring.

How to Download & Install JotNot Pro APK for Android


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