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Updated 10/05/2024 (1 month ago)
NameISS Detector Pro APK
Version2.05.18 Pro
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK ISS Detector Pro

Do you want to see the International Space Station ISS in the sky? Or explore exciting objects in space with the ISS Detector Pro. This space tracking app can know everything beyond the vast universe. If you know how to use it, you can observe it all at will. Not simply watching on the phone screen. Exactly, you will get to see them firsthand in the sky. So how to observe such a thing? It is based on the intelligent navigation system of ISS Detector Pro. It will represent outer space objects and their current positions.

Proper use of this application makes it possible to see everything right in the sky where we live. Dedicated to lovers of astronomy and space observations. ISS Detector Pro was developed to show the current state of all outer space objects clearly. The most memorable thing to mention is the international space station ISS that humans have launched into Earth orbit. To this day, of course, it is still there. You will learn how to use and observe the space station using this app.

ISS Detector Pro mod

Download ISS Detector Pro mod – Observe everything outside the vast universe

The main screen of the application is a lot of coordinates available. These coordinates are the positions of everyday objects in outer space. The information displayed tells you many interesting things. It can be mentioned as to where the ISS is, what is the state of the asteroids. We can observe at what angle their average temperature at each specific location. It’s all wrapped up in one simple screen, and you need to scroll up and down to capture as much information as possible. Sometimes ISS Detector Pro will automatically add new objects to the list.

For exact information about a particular object, tap any line that contains the object’s name. Then we will see a simulated shape of the Earth. On it are lines representing the coordinates of many different locations. Of course, the object we are looking for is indispensable, and it will move around the simulated Earth. That is the position of the object relative to the Earth in real-time. Can rotate through different angles and use the compass to check direction.

ISS Detector Pro mod free

Look for interesting objects

In addition to the international space station ISS, you can also observe many interesting objects in space. Including asteroids, many satellites have been launched and are in earth orbit. Further out could be planets in the solar system. Favorite things unfamiliar to everyone, such as Hubble, X-37B, Fiat, Tiangong, and rockets, are also not on this list. The shape of objects will be determined by their proper form, and the coordinates and specifications are shown very clearly. We can use ISS Detector Pro for introduction or teaching is also very interesting.

ISS Detector Pro mod apk

Experimental use

A lot of the specifications that the app shows you about outer space objects are certainly not unfounded. All are relatively accurate and show the relative position between them and the Earth. So if you want, you can use these parameters for an experiment. Place multiple objects in different parts to compare changes in latitude, temperature, and altitude. Consider the possibility of characterizing these objects using only those parameters. If you can do this, then you are an experienced expert in astronomy. Or use it to observe things interestingly.

ISS Detector Pro mod apk free

Many surprise visits

Indeed, many people look forward to the most, which is waiting for the opportunity to observe these objects right in the sky in your place. First, you need to update where you live. The system will then find visible things in your location, and it will give a specific time frame in which you can see those objects. When the right time arrives, the watch will immediately notify you. Run outside now and see what you’ve been waiting for. It will be one of the best moments using ISS Detector Pro.

ISS Detector Pro free

Use it as a classroom teaching method about outer space objects. Or use it to observe the things that you love the most and wait for many exciting moments in the sky to happen. ISS Detector Pro mod fulfills everyone’s desire to watch this vast universe.

How to Download & Install ISS Detector Pro APK for Android


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