iOS Icon Pack APK 1.0.5

Updated 22/04/2023 (11 months ago)
NameiOS Icon Pack APK
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SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK iOS Icon Pack

Turning an Android phone into an iPhone is entirely doable. That’s when we come to the practical help of iOS Icon Pack. This will completely change the look and feel of Android devices to the iOS operating system. Help you get a perfect feeling of using iPhone. Enjoy all the best in this top operating system. See for yourself the huge difference in usage.

We will often use personalization applications to change something in the device, which helps users find something new for themselves. iOS Icon Pack is no exception when it comes to the best theme app on the market. Its compatibility with Android devices in the market is exceptionally high, bringing an experience entirely unlike any other application. Exclusively for those who love the interface of iOS.

iOS Icon Pack mod

Download iOS Icon Pack mod – Change your look easily

With this provided icon pack, you get a lot of things that have never been seen before. When you start it up and allow it to make changes, all will be refreshed. An interface with exclusive icons that the only iOS provides on its device. Moreover, motion manipulation is also improved smoother than ever. Maybe when you first use it, you will not be familiar with it, and it may take time to process the operations. But after using it long enough, you will become quick and able to recognize the outstanding points contained in it. Optimization is what is best improved.

Lots of icons

In this icon pack, your interface will be transformed in a much more complete way. Not only available applications such as phone, messaging, or settings, but also applications that appear on two operating systems. Along with that are popular games like Shadow Fight 2 or Subway Surfer are also present. Social networking applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are also customized perfectly. Pay close attention, and although they may be similar in appearance, there are some differences in details. The iOS application icons are always softened at the edges. There are more than 1700 different icons that can be changed when installing another application.

iOS Icon Pack mod free

Change wallpaper

The iOS operating system is also something exclusive that they make for all their users. It will include default wallpapers, and new wallpapers are created every day. You can quickly change any image you want for the device and create a feeling of using this operating system’s closest and most accurate. Moreover, each wallpaper is also extremely high quality with extremely high resolution. It creates depth in photos and doesn’t cause blur. Setting this wallpaper also wholly does not cause the device to become drained of battery. Feel free to use it without worrying about anything affecting it.

Easy to download

To change the icons of the applications on the device, you will have to download them. But this will not take up too much space because their size is minimal. Even if you download them all, it will still take up a small portion of the memory. Moreover, change will also happen exceptionally quickly. No need to wait to get the perfect icons you need. All of this will be done quickly through the iOS Icon Pack app. If an application you download cannot be changed, you can ask the developer, and they will assist with the conversion for you at no cost.

iOS Icon Pack mod apk

Dark Mode

The dark mode is becoming more and more popular these days on popular apps. It works against eye strain and saves the battery life of the device quite effectively. This also applies when these applications run on the iOS operating system. So you can easily switch to dark mode in any app that supports it. Experience the most comfortable feeling at night without worrying about eye strain. A small portion of battery life is saved when launching these apps for a long time. You can turn this mode on or off anytime you want, don’t worry about it.

If you want a new and more wonderful experience, don’t be afraid to use the iOS Icon Pack mod. Even if you can’t afford an iPhone, that’s okay. You can always use iOS from the comfort of your Android device.

How to Download & Install iOS Icon Pack APK for Android


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