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NameIFyou: episodes-love stories APK
PublisherPIER Corporation Inc.
MOD FeaturesFree Premium choices
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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IFyou: episodes-love stories is a visual novel simulation game with gameplay elements of Choice matter. Players will be immersed in the world of many different stories with separate contexts. You can become the main character in a fairy tale with kingdoms and princes. Or you can be a young, dynamic girl and an employee of a company. Don’t worry about two boring words because the plot of each novel is always different. And the person who plays a crucial role in making that difference is the player. Depending on each player’s preferences, personality, and personal preferences, the ending will go in many directions. Who the main character will fall in love with is up to you.

Choice matter style games are always looked forward to by gamers because of their engaging gameplay. The world must be too familiar with names like Late Shift, The Witcher 3, or Fall Out. Or on the mobile platform, we have 7 Days of Survival, all famous games. IFyou: episodes-love stories, although just released, promise to conquer many achievements. The game, in addition to owning the Choice matter mechanism, has been very popular with many players. Game makers also invest heavily in building a large number of love stories. Inspired by stories, K-content from Korea, IFyou: episodes-love stories, features a series of titles. Adventure, romance, horror, and more.

IFyou episodes love stories mod

Download IFyou: episodes-love stories mod –  Immerse yourself in novels

Being able to read and learn the stories in the visual novel series is an exhilarating experience. Now that experience becomes even more special when these novels are included in the game. The game creates a specific background to the story, be it the setting. Following details such as who the character meets and what to say depend on the player’s choice. The number of stories is also very much created with separate and new contexts. Combined with the gameplay of Choice matter, the number of endings of each story is unlimited. You can be a girl who always acts cold but has a warm heart. Or maybe someone is always interested in other characters.

IFyou episodes love stories mod apk

Unique gameplay mechanics

Let’s talk about the Choice matter, one of the great leaps in the gaming industry. The choice matter is briefly understood as playing a game mode based on the small choices of gamers. Those small choices lead to substantial plot twists, for better or for worse. And those turning points will determine the end of the game or the story. In IFyou: episodes-love stories, the game makers have creatively applied this unique gameplay mechanism. After choosing a favorite novel, the player will be shared with the NPC the general context. Completing the introduction, the player begins to interact, making the first choice with the characters. You can choose to bond with any character you crush on in the story. Even becoming a bad girl does not want an official relationship with any character. Your choices are also a part of the personality you possess. Make smart choices.

IFyou episodes love stories apk

Variety of stories

Game makers have put a lot of effort into creating in-game stories. Each novel belongs to different genres to suit the interests of many gamers. Take a concrete example, Touch My Little Brother and You’re Dead belongs to the fantasy genre. The main character is teleported into a Boylove novel and becomes a character named Rosalite. This is a supporting character; in the story, the main character has lost his life 20 times. And now, Rosalite must find a way to protect her brother, preventing the past from being repeated. Let’s go to another novel, Pieces Of The Deep Sea, which is in the romance genre. A guy wants to change the world; his girl is afraid to do it. Their love story was already unique now with the player’s choices; where will it go? There are also countless other novels of the genre like Thriller for players.

IFyou episodes love stories apk free

Many useful features

To bring the moments to the fullest, IFyou: episodes-love stories have excellent functions. One of the most appreciated functions of this game is the story search engine. Players will not need to find the trick they want to play. Touch the magnifying glass on the game interface, and type in the title of the story or genre you want to read. Then the game will automatically show what you are looking for in a concise time. Besides, IFyou: episodes-love accounts also have the function of storing your stories. Specifically, the day before you finish reading this novel, if you want to continue enjoying the game, it will automatically save for you.

IFyou episodes love stories android

IFyou: episodes-love stories is a game that brings stories and thrilling novels. The game has a combination of the Choice matter mechanism that helps create countless different endings. Download IFyou: episodes-love stories mod to become unique characters, choose wisely, and venture into the world of visual novels.

Download IFyou: episodes-love stories MOD APK (Free Premium choices) for Android

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