Idle Tycoon – Smartphone Inc MOD APK 0.383 (Unlimited money/Rewards)

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NameIdle Tycoon – Smartphone Inc APK
PublisherAPPLICATTURA Michal Walaszczyk
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Rewards
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Smartphones will be essential to us in the world of Idle Tycoon – Smartphone Inc. It is arguably the best way to accelerate your business empire building. Thanks to that, everyone can access this modern and popular technology. Bring significant development to society and also a profit for you. But, of course, this will not be an easy path. But it is an essential factor that helps you to reach higher and higher thresholds. Deliver the growth needed to get more and more money.

Touch phones are no longer a novelty device in our modern society. Idle Tycoon has invested in – Smartphone Inc to include in its gameplay. The work that smartphone manufacturers need to do to make a product. It’s all about the industry and the precision you need to achieve. A small mistake will cause us to receive damage, so we must be cautious. Gives you a direction to be able to run your simulation business. From there, it is possible to achieve many large pieces of profit that few people have.

Idle Tycoon Smartphone Inc mod

Download Idle Tycoon – Smartphone Inc mod – Build a smartphone empire

The demand for smartphones in the market has been relatively high recently. Therefore, this is the time the phone providers need to take advantage of. You will invest in your production line to start the production of complete equipment. Along with that is signing big contracts and starting to sell phones to make money. With a good start, you have a stable source of income for yourself. From there, we will ultimately have the conditions to expand the current activities. From quantity to quality, all need to pay attention to improve better. So you have a great source of business to bring a large fortune to you.

Invest and expand

Of course, you can’t make more money without developing your technologies. We need to invest in new production technologies that the market has. From machines and lines to components, all must be of higher quality. That way, you have enough conditions to launch higher-level products. These premium smartphones will sell for a higher price than before. But to do that, you need to optimize your income source. It will come from phone sales along with the contracts we make. So don’t forget to unlock other parts of the workshops.

Idle Tycoon Smartphone Inc mod free

New staff

In addition to machines, the employees will be essential for you to receive great benefits. Employees will control the production stages to help the phones are completed. You can also improve this part by hiring more professional staff. They will work faster and more accurately with the new techniques you provide. Not only that, but we can also invest in a manager to ensure everything is better. This manager will help you speed up your work every second. So with the above conditions alone, you have an efficient supply chain that creates a quick boost.

Idle Tycoon Smartphone Inc mod apk free

Selection of contracts

Don’t forget that contracts will give you great value while making phones. We will select investors and their requirements to be able to cooperate and respond. After that can start to accelerate production with good quantity and quality. When the task is completed, the corresponding reward is also refunded. So need to find such valuable contracts to start implementing right in Idle Tycoon – Smartphone Inc mod.

Download Idle Tycoon – Smartphone Inc MOD APK (Unlimited money/Rewards) for Android

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