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Updated 22/04/2023 (8 months ago)
NameIdle Hero Colosseum APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/God/No Skill CD
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Idle Hero Colosseum

Idle Hero Colosseum is a simulation game with a bit of classic and robust style. The game is set in a separate kingdom with a mysterious magician with unlimited power. She and her 12 disciples joined hands to protect the domain. But suddenly, one day, sad news came: this country’s king had passed away. At that time, she and her 12 disciples also disappeared without warning. This incident has opened up a grave matter: the invasion of monsters. Then, legend has it that a heroic incident can end this situation. He uses the artefact of the magician and her followers.

The fact that this hero owns the magician’s and her disciples’ artefacts has brought faith to the people here. A strong belief that they can get through these painful days. In particular, the manufacturer has given some tips players can apply to win more easily. For example, when hiding, the player should hide and find the right time to appear. Or when attacking, players need to put all their workforce and strength to take advantage of all the skills. Launch decisive moves at the right time to destroy the enemy accurately.

Idle Hero Colosseum android

Download Idle Hero Colosseum mode – Use the mage’s artefacts to destroy the invading monsters.

The game attacks automatically as soon as a monster appears before you. Players need to move the character around the screen. And navigate so that the player’s weapon is pointed towards the enemy. There are also combat features, including evasive and improvised counterattacks and effects to dodge attacks from bosses. Upgrade your skills and weapons to get the maximum power. Completing the designated levels 40, 80, and 120 will have handsome rewards. Update regularly to get more new heroes and monsters. Extend this exciting battle and adventure before it comes to an end.

Idle Hero Colosseum apk

26 heroes

The game offers 26 elemental heroes before the update for players to discover. Each hero has unique skills; attack and defence are not the same. In addition, players can also change the appearance of these heroes. From there, create your version of the hero, from skin colour, hair, hair colour, costumes, and weapons. The essential characteristics can all be changed, and this is not limited if the player already owns the hero. Players need to fight a lot if you haven’t unlocked some heroes. Collect as many rewards as possible to open as many heroes as possible.

Idle Hero Colosseum mod apk

The Colosseum

The game offers two main modes: Colosseum mode and raid mode. In the Colosseum mode, players must fight in groups against other heroes. Players have their strategies and make transitions between party members. It takes 12 wins in a row to become a champion. From there, collect rewards such as honour points or summon cards. If you pass memorable battles, the items you get are also more memorable. Heroes of the rare type with unlimited power. Special attack skills will be provided to these heroes.

Idle Hero Colosseum mod

Squad mode

In addition to the Colosseum mode, players can participate in the raid mode. Similar to the battles in the Colosseum mode. In this mode, also fight in groups but against fearsome boss monsters. In the competition, if you are defeated, you can continue the war on another side. The wars keep happening until you overcome these barriers. Two tips are provided separately for these two modes: switch your membership properly. After converting the Buff, the Debuff will not disappear. Use it to your advantage. The stun skill will prevent the enemy from damaging skills.

The Idle Hero Colosseum offers a shop that specializes in magic items. Here provide a lot of things to support players in this battle. In addition to the clothes, costumes, accessories, and weapons. Players can pay attention to the drugs used to increase some functions for the hero. Depending on the colour, they have different parts that benefit the player, including healing a certain amount of health or slightly stronger attack power. Download Idle Hero Colosseum mod to become the next hero, the magician, to protect the kingdom.

How to Download & Install Idle Hero Colosseum MOD APK (Menu/God/No Skill CD) for Android


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