Idle Evolution MOD APK (Unlimited cells) 2.1

Updated 16/10/2023 (6 months ago)
NameIdle Evolution APK
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MOD FeaturesUnlimited cells
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Idle Evolution

The evolutionary journey of all living things on earth is still a mystery. Idle Evolution presents the whole process of growth and development since these animals were just a tiny single cell. All life on the planet from insects animals, … is formed from small monoliths. From one, two, three tiny protozoa gradually growing into tens or millions of interconnected protozoa. Idle Evolution has a treasure trove of different creatures. If you feel curious about a certain creature. Do not hesitate to embark on the process of creating them. Observe and care for the creatures little by little to understand this sequence of activities.


Idle Evolution as a miniature information store. It provides all the performance metrics, essential information and all the genetic codes you want to learn. Biology topics are rarely chosen by game makers. Everyone thinks that biological topics are often boring and unattractive. But Idle Evolution has changed this mindset of people. A vivid new world is opened when the creatures are at the center of the phone. Start with the basic gene strands. On the screen interface, the parameters of time, speed, genetic code, and appearance of the organism appear. After raising a creature into full skin and flesh, you will be rewarded with golden gems.

Idle Evolution android

Download Idle Evolution mod – Manually decode the genes and feed the creatures from the beginning

Idle Evolution describes the behavior of creatures in detail down to the millimeter. After billions of years, the evolutionary process of organisms has been brought to light by mankind. Your job is to take care. Apply science and technology to restore and accelerate the evolution of ancient creatures. Of course, this is not an easy job. After selecting the appropriate template in the store. You need to culture these gene samples. Accelerate development through the support tools that Idle Evolution provides. The whole process takes place entirely on the main screen and is divided into several stages. The stages are spread under the corner of the screen.

Idle Evolution apk free


Instead of vivid images when these creatures were active. What Idle Evolution brings is the process of forming cells. The process of producing bones, skin, flesh, body parts. In the store there are many different species of creatures. From small creatures such as tadpoles, frogs, fish, … to large characters such as crocodiles, dinosaurs, eagles… are fully present. But creatures that are large and difficult to form will have a higher selling price and bring greater value. They are purchased with the golden gems you get after successfully cultivating another creature. Information such as name, habitat, identifying characteristics, … is run in words above the creature’s head.

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Evolution process

As mentioned earlier, evolution is divided into several different stages. In a crocodile, for example, the process goes from the genome to a complete body. Starting from a genome then forming a skeleton takes about 202.4m of genetic code. After having all the bones, there are nerves and blood vessels. Next is the intestine, liver and accessory organs such as tail, scales. Along with that there are brains, muscles, fatty tissue, … Finally to small parts such as eyes, nails, skin and scales. Materials and expertise are included. Helping players have fun while still absorbing useful information.

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Supporting Indicators

The process for an organism from genes to form is extremely long. If you have to look forward to every minute, every second, when will you be able to create an ancient creature? That’s why Idle Evolution has created help options to help speed up this process. Includes speed clicks, travel time, roulette, prestige. Speed ​​clicks will double the reproduction rate of cells. Depending on the time that cells form, after doubling will be closer to the result. Roulette is a magic wheel where there are options like creating a division, speeding up 3 times, … But the number of turns using the spin is limited.

Idle Evolution mod

Cell proliferation is measured in seconds. But because each organism needs billions of cells to develop fully. Even if you don’t enter Idle Evolution, your creatures are still proliferating. The total number of cells that have been formed will be recorded in the left corner of the screen. A tadpole to form requires 10.5B of genetic code, the production rate is 43.8k/s. What an interesting amount of knowledge has been absorbed. Download Idle Evolution mod to disseminate knowledge about the evolution of ancient creatures.

How to Download & Install Idle Evolution MOD APK (Unlimited cells) for Android


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