Idle Dungeon Manager MOD APK 1.7.1 (Unlimited money)

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NameIdle Dungeon Manager APK
PublisherColdFire Games GmbH
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Adventure into dungeons and destroy monsters to find treasures is probably no stranger to adventure-loving gamers. Then have you ever wondered what the job of the dungeon managers is like? If not, then surely you will understand better with the game Idle Dungeon Manager. The simulation game gives us the clearest look at the importance of dungeon managers in making them work well so that the warriors can fight smoothly. Those are the main jobs you will have to do. A unique new way of playing while still involving dungeons and fantasy worlds.

A dungeon manager knows what’s in that dungeon. How does it fit warriors? How difficult are the dungeons, and what treasures do they hide? However, you cannot tell the warriors about it. You will grant them the right to explore the dungeon to go in search of treasure. And whether the mission is successful or not, you will still receive certain profits. You will have to support the warriors if they are really in danger when they go on an expedition.

Idle Dungeon Manager mod free

Download Idle Dungeon Manager mod – Manage dungeons and battle arrays

As a dungeon manager, you will be granted certain things. The first is the areas that contain dungeons for you to explore gradually. But you won’t be the one to go directly into them to explore. Doing it for you will be warriors you summon from the scroll. Take the role of fighting against the forces in the dungeon. Explore that dungeon and bring back many fascinating treasures. Of course, you will have to follow them from the beginning to the end of the journey. Of course, you will be the one to order them to attack and defend. If anyone died, it would be terrible, wouldn’t it?

After completing a dungeon, send the warriors back. Depending on the level of completion of the dungeon, you will be decided. One is to complete them thoroughly, and the other is to open up a brand new area. The latter only happens when you really work hard to follow the quests and complete that dungeon 100%. It depends on your strength and a little luck. Thankfully, when you’re the one in control, you’ll know better what you need to do to get the job done.

Idle Dungeon Manager mod apk

Summoning adventurer warrior

The warrior summoning system is a giant portal that connects to a completely different world. When you use the summon scroll, the warrior will come out from that portal. Depending on your luck, there will be many warriors with a different rarity. Adventurers will also have many professions for themselves such as swordsmen, archers, magicians… Extremely basic and familiar. Of course, you will also be the one to power them up. Through many battles will increase a certain amount of experience. Warriors can level up, equip weapons, and many other hidden powers. The formation to arrange an expedition also needs many necessary elements and strength.

Idle Dungeon Manager mod mod

Explore and protect the village

The main job of the warriors was to explore the dungeon. Because monsters and treasures are in that dark place, however, in certain cases, monsters will spill out and attack villages near your area. Of course, you can’t turn a blind eye to such a wild act. Fight with them to protect the village of the villagers. Most of them will be little monsters. But in some rare cases, bosses will attack the village. So whether in the dungeon or outside, you must prepare all the necessary power. We will not know what we face. So being careful is the most important.

Reasonable economic use

The amount of money you earn in each adventure is certainly a lot. Now it’s time to arrange how to use them properly. Maybe you feel the dungeon is weakening compared to the warriors. At that time, you should use the money to upgrade the dungeons to a new level. Needless to say when the rewards and monster power will increase greatly. If the Warriors are too weak, focus on upgrading their strength. Apply the most advanced technology to make the warriors have a perfect armament. Ready to explore every challenging dungeon ahead. From there, you will get richer and richer, with hundreds of dungeons destroyed and treasures collected.

Idle Dungeon Manager mod

Dungeon exploration is always one of the most fun and exciting activities. But instead of engaging yourself in dangerous battles, try becoming a manager for once. Command the warriors to explore the dungeon. Earn a huge amount of money and learn more interesting stories. Surely Idle Dungeon Manager mod will not disappoint you.

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