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Updated 12/02/2024 (3 weeks ago)
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Introduce MOD APK iBasketball Manager 23

In the past, players have met a lot of games related to football. What about games about basketball? iBasketball Manager 23 is a game about this exciting sport. Your job is to become a manager of a famous basketball team. Players are provided with a series of specialized tools to manage their team. Turn an unknown team into a globally famous team. Train the players of the team to become more and more excellent. As the team’s reputation goes up, your reputation also resonates as a good team coach.

Gathering teams from all over the planet, the gathering of a team of high-class players. To become their manager, players also need talent. With the management tools provided by the game, please take full advantage of them to make your dreams come true. Everything is under the decision of the manager, is you. From managing labor contracts with players to rigorous training sessions. Always be ready to be able to offer the most reasonable solutions. Every decision you make affects your squad. When the quality of the team goes up, their reputation will increase, leading to money for the team.

iBasketball Manager 23 mod

Download iBasketball Manager 23 mod – Become a talented basketball team manager with support tools

After choosing the team, you want to manage, sign a contract with them. Begin by answering the questions in the interview that still comes out. You can then use the provided management tools to create your management plan. With more than 20 leagues from different continents and 700 clubs. In which more than 10000 players are included in the game, players can optionally form their team. Under pressure from the leadership, fans to the press team. Finally, relying on great management skills can bring the team back to the peak of glory.

iBasketball Manager 23 mod apk

Support tools

From the beginning, the potential support system has been mentioned to help players be more gentle in management. So do you know what these support tools are? These tools are divided into many areas of basketball management. These tools include coaching, scouting, tournament selection, face-to-face with management, interviews, and fan engagement. The function of each tool corresponds to its name. Answering interviews, dealing with fans, facing management, players will often have to answer questions. As for training, talent search, tournament selection, there are other operations.

iBasketball Manager 23 apk

Looking for a player

If the current lineup still does not satisfy your requirements. Players can actively search for new members to bring into the team. iBasketball Manager 23 provides all information, skills, achievements of each player. After filtering all the information in the thousands of players granted. Players can sign contracts with suitable players. During the ongoing contract period, the player can re-sign the contract in the following season. Or you can cancel the contract midway if the performance is not as expected. But that will incur a contract compensation fee. Key players may consider signing long-term contracts with them.

iBasketball Manager 23 apk free

Many football tournaments

With more than 20 tournaments from all over the world and reaching out to the world. Here you will find all officially licensed tournaments that are not illegal in the slightest. All the big names like Euroleague Basketball, Turkish Airlines Euroleague, 7DAYS EuroCup… There are also big national matches in countries like Spain, France, the USA,…Each match has its own game. The awards are different, the popularity of the players is also different. Players need to look at their team’s lineup to consider which tournament they choose to participate in. If the players cannot afford to participate in the big tournament, it will bring a bad reputation to the home team.

iBasketball Manager 23 android

The familiar thing before each tournament is to give interviews to the press. The questions are given, the game provides 3 to 4 suitable answers. Depending on the situation, the player can choose one of these answers. Juicy replies can call for sponsors from brands. During the tournament, there must also be activities to reassure fans. Upgrade the playing field, improve talent, find talent, and build a beautiful squad. Download basketball Manager 23 mod to find fame and money for the basketball team you manage and support.

How to Download & Install iBasketball Manager 23 APK for Android


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