Hunt Royale MOD APK (Menu, Damage/God mode/Speed) 3.0.5

Updated 06/07/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameHunt Royale APK
PublisherBoomBit Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/God mode/Speed
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Hunt Royale MOD APK detail?
  1. High Damage
  2. God Mode
  3. Speed Multiplier
  • V2 Menu/God mode

Introduce MOD APK Hunt Royale

Hunting has always been for hunters. They are the ones who find and hunt for animals to make them their meals and make decorations. They live on a job that is also somewhat dangerous but gives them this much booty. The better and more experienced the hunters will be. Forests are their territory and under their control. Download Hunt Royale MOD APK (Menu, Damage/God mode/Speed) now to experience the feeling of being a real hunter. Bring back much loot.

You are a hunter and have always dreamed of becoming a talented hunter. But you do not have the conditions and time to participate in such events. You also have to take care of work as well as family and only have short breaks. Hunt Royale APK mod was born for you. With colorful animated 3D graphics and a powerful character cast. You will be transformed into a hunter to destroy powerful beasts and bring back loot. Extremely attractive gameplay for those who love hunting. Requires application of intelligence and improvisation of the player.

Hunt Royale mod 1

Download Hunt Royale mod – Hunt monsters

Enter the world of Hunt Royale APK 3.0.5 you will be playing the role of a powerful hunter. You will be one of four warriors sent to the dangerous hunting ground. Your main mission is to fight dangerous monsters that attack you. Destroy them as much as possible to get valuable rewards. Lots of unique and dangerous terrible enemies will appear in the hunting ground. With an extremely easy-to-grasp control system that will make you get used to it quickly. New players don’t need to worry about how difficult it is to access the game. Just use the lever to move the character at will. Use the attack button so that the character can shoot bullets at your enemies.

Hunt Royale mod

Possesses powerful hunters

Hunt Royale MOD APK has a diverse character system with countless hunters to choose from. With over 30 hunters for you to unlock and level up. Each hunter will have their own weapons and skills and powers. You can upgrade to maximize their strength. Upgrades help them increase their stats, making each of their shots deal more damage. Their movement speed is also increased making it easier to dodge enemy bullets. You can own many powerful hunters by collecting through levels or opening lucky chests. Own a colorful and powerful hunter collection.

Hunt Royale apk

Unequal battle

Join the Hunt Royale match you will be one of four players in the hunt. You and they will be transported to a vast land with a multitude of dangers lurking. You and your teammates will have to fight against monsters overflowing from the gates. Fight to survive against monsters and powerful enemies. Not only that in order to achieve high scores you will have to destroy more monsters than other players. Win the top 1 hunter and bring back more valuable rewards. Practice your fighting skills skillfully to become the best. Overcoming other players to assert your fighting talent.

Hunt Royale mod download

Many interesting game modes

Hunt Royale owns many interesting game modes that are included in the game by the developer. Hunt mode will let you and other players find and hunt down monsters distributed throughout the map. In coordination mode, you will join your teammates to fight against waves of monsters coming from all over and protect the king. If the monster gets in, you will lose. In the bounty hunter PvP mode, you can fight other players and take them down. You will win if you are the player with the highest number of kills. Finally, the boss hunting mode, where you will fight terrible bosses with unrivaled power that is difficult to defeat.

Hunt Royale mod free

Many interesting events

In addition to the exciting game modes, Hunt Royale also has great events that you should join. These events will contain valuable items with the chance to receive new hunters. Get rare items to help you more advantageous in the hunter upgrade process. Complete missions in the event such as collecting items in exchange for extremely valuable rewards. These events will take place every week in Hunt Royale. Please participate fully to bring yourself valuable rewards, do not miss it. Download now Hunt Royale mod to unleash owning powerful hunters. Enjoy hunting the most terrible monsters.

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11 months ago

In 1.8.6 this mod makes everyone has godmode. So you can’t kill mobs. Please fix it

1 year ago

This won’t work with gamemodes which is 99% of the game.
Dungeons etc

2 years ago

Really fun with the mods playing on co op how ever since version 1.5.1 I’ve been getting crashes as soon as anyone attack a monster including myself. 1.5.0 was awesome, the update just has some bugs.

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