Hidden Objects: Puzzle Quest MOD APK (Unlimited hints) 1.08.07

Updated on 25/03/2023 (5 days ago)
NameHidden Objects: Puzzle Quest APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited hints
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The way you find hidden objects in Hidden Objects: Puzzle Quest is to express yourself. Many things around you need to be discovered and collected. They can be anywhere, camouflaged under the colors of the surrounding landscape. Only wisdom and the most careful observation can help us. It can be easy, but it can also be challenging when we start doing it. The same methods train the greatest detectives. The human potential will be activated to the highest degree.

Hidden Objects: Puzzle Quest works in the style of a mind game. What it focuses on is finding hidden objects. This type of game always makes challenge lovers very hard. However, it is beautiful and makes us push ourselves to the limit. Moreover, the game’s graphics are also highly detailed with vivid images like real life. Soft music stimulates brain movement that will help you focus better. Finally, create a lively feeling when being immersed in a large environment.

Hidden Objects Puzzle Quest mod

Download Hidden Objects: Puzzle Quest mod – Find hidden objects

It seems that someone is mysteriously hiding the items you need. To find these things again, we will participate in the challenges posed. In it, there will be specific items listed below for you to grasp. Need to figure out where they are being placed in a random space. It can be anywhere and in places, you would never expect. Once found and touched, the object will be marked as successfully collected. After all the items are found, the level will be completed. Valuable things will be given to you based on achievements.

Many levels

Hidden Objects: Puzzle Quest creates a level system that stretches along your journey. These levels are intended to help players get used to and develop quickly. Its difficulty is gradually increased with each part that you have completed. Things that are difficult to distinguish with color are the most significant obstacle added. But if you take the time to observe and analyze, you can find everything. The scenes of each game screen are also constantly changed. Many places require us to travel to and find lost items. Can the mysteries be solved with the clues you have?

Hidden Objects Puzzle Quest mod free

Around the world

Your fascinating journey is divided into many different parts. You will be traveling to the most famous places that everyone has ever heard of. From the hot desert of Egypt, the country of cherry blossoms of Japan, to the city of love, Paris. Each place has its surroundings with outstanding features. New characters will also appear to guide you through your quests. Unique items that will take a lot of effort to find. Play and travel anywhere right on your device without having to go out. Beautiful scenery is waiting for you to enjoy to purify your soul.

Hidden Objects Puzzle Quest mod apk

Use hints

Are there so tricky levels that you can’t find the item you need? Don’t worry, and there are always suggestions by your side ready to help you whenever needed. Expressly, we will be provided with up to three hints for a game screen to use. Directions, when activated, will bring you closer to the location of the item quickly. Reminds you what part of the scene you need to look around to find it. It will not always indicate where the thing is located but can only remind. Helps players not to rely too much on suggestions but still need to think for themselves to find solutions. It is essential to make intelligent use of these suggestions.

Hidden Objects Puzzle Quest mod android

Play online and offline

Hidden Objects: Puzzle Quest is easily switchable between online and offline. If you do not have an internet connection, you can still comfortably solve puzzles. When you connect to the network, you will receive rewards and offers that are updated quickly. Regardless of the environment, this game is an extremely useful time-killer. Every day trained with this game will give you a better reflex. Can complete complex tasks at a much faster rate than before. Hidden Objects: Puzzle Quest mod is something you should have and experience.

Download Hidden Objects: Puzzle Quest MOD APK (Unlimited hints) for Android

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