Hidden Epee MOD APK (Free Shopping) 1.16.1500

Updated 12/09/2023 (9 months ago)
NameHidden Epee APK
PublisherG5 Entertainment
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Hidden Epee MOD APK detail?

Buy free gold coins and diamonds in the store. Once purchased, you need to use them once to renew the value.

Introduce MOD APK Hidden Epee

Mysterious things will be hidden in places you wouldn’t expect in Hidden Epee. That’s why we need to choose people who have sharp eyes. But that doesn’t have to come from your talent. It comes from hard work through significant challenges. With mysteries buried in history, there’s nothing more exciting than solving it. From there, find clues about things that have been strangely lost. The stories about them will be deciphered gradually. We need to hit the road now before all is lost.

G5 Entertainment is a developer dedicated to providing puzzle-style products. Their puzzle options are also quite varied and carefully crafted. Help the image as well as the plot to create its exciting features. Hidden Epee will be something that people who like to find hidden objects are interested in. The journeys and challenges will be interconnected. Create a trip you may never have seen in your life. The way you solve problems will help strengthen your skills. Gradually adapt to more complicated things with a bit of pressure.

Hidden Epee mod apk

Download Hidden Epee mod – Discover mysterious objects

Powerful artefacts that were mysteriously lost by some force. Ancient clues have been left to help us in the process of solving the case. It would be best to find those objects before the traces disappeared entirely. Each level requires us to find all the missing things. They are hidden in different settings and can blend in with nature. Pay close attention, and you will see the appearance of each object. When all are gathered, you pass the game screen. Remember that the difficulty will increase, and many things await you. We will explore a plot with many twists and turns.

Two maps, and two ways to play

Hidden Epee is more than just a hidden object game like what you see. It also provides us with another type of play: match three. Instead of looking for objects, you can switch to playing this genre. Very useful at times when we are completely stuck and bored with that type of play. Solving match-three puzzles is as tricky as finding hidden objects. You’ll also have to play smart, so you don’t use up all your moves. Thereby it is possible to win and still get a perfect score. Each map has its exceptional levels. You will still follow an exciting and profound storyline.

Hidden Epee mod free

Collect items

Through each chapter, you will receive a reward for your efforts. It is a treasured antique to be donated to the collection. Help prove your achievements and in-game progress. The further you go, the more artefacts and chances you have to win them. There are also special achievement badges that reward you when you achieve something. Great quests and valuable rewards are waiting for you to complete them fully. Vigorous activity will help us achieve great success. Hidden Epee always appreciates your efforts when exploring the world.

Hidden Epee mod

Share achievements

This game also possesses a highly accurate achievement rating system. All players can connect to their social networks to share them. The number of levels completed will give you a certain number of points. Therefore, those who solve more puzzles stand in a higher position. You can ultimately compete to improve your work in Hidden Epee mod.

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