Guild of Heroes MOD APK (Free Shopping/No Cooldown) 1.156.15

Updated 02/12/2023 (1 week ago)
NameGuild of Heroes APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping/No Cooldown
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play

Guild of Heroes MOD APK Information

  • V1: No CD
  • V2: Menu mod

1. Damage multiplier
2. Defense multiplier
3. No cooldown
4. x2 Speed unlocked (Always enabled)
5. Potions Won’t Decrease
6. Revive Cost 0
7. Achievements Unlocked (You can reclaim many times to get unlimited gems)
8. No Requriement to Upgrade weapon and armors
9. Unlocked Slots for free

Introduce MOD APK Guild of Heroes

Guild of Heroes is a game that goes back thousands of years when mages and magicians still existed. Stories that you probably just heard in legends will now be reproduced authentically in this game. This game is a war in the age of magic. The battles are mostly attacked from afar, especially the surrounding energy is eye-catching. Guild of Heroes hides skillful battles with a character system that you will definitely like. Please choose a face you like on your next trip. There are many challenges with opponents that take a long time to solve them.

Graphics and images are built in a paranormal style. The wide map is also one of the key elements for players to explore freely. Guild of Heroes finds influential characters by background and convincing battles. Connect with other players around the world, and join them in setting new milestones with your fighting skills. This journey leads players to go everywhere, from places with light to mysterious caves. You will be able to exploit your skills in the best way with each different level.

Guild of Heroes mod

Download Guild of Heroes mod – Magic war of mages

Gaze back at medieval cities in the graphical quality of Guild of Heroes. Explore new locations to find rivals and enemies. You cannot underestimate them, with the ability to fight flexibly the player will have difficulty when the enemies appear. But in the game Guild of Heroes you also have your own teammates. Work closely with them in PvP battles to defeat opponents. I think it will take you a lot of energy to make the other person submit. Playing the protagonist, you will face many challenges, even affecting your life. Of course, I mean the life of the character you play in the game.

Guild of Heroes mod download

New adventure

Guild of Heroes brings all players to the vast map system. There are always limits and boundaries, but it takes a lot of time for you to control the character to move to those positions. Meeting the circumstances that seemed only in fairy tales, players will return to their childhood memories. Each stage has its own mark, be it a battle with the efforts of you and your teammates.

Guild of Heroes mod apk

Guild Wars arena

This is where you and other Guild of Heroes record your victories and failures. Meet other outstanding characters with confidence and fight the way you want. Even if you lose, this will help you to draw your own deep lessons. Warriors, mages, archers, … everyone will have the opportunity to meet here and show off their fighting skills. Prepare everything well before going into a decisive battle that will surprise your opponent.

Weapons, armor

Unlike other games, besides weapons, armor is also an inseparable part. If the weapon helps you to deal more powerful damage to the enemy, the armor helps you to reduce the impact of strong attacks. Combining the two will increase attack power and help you survive longer in each battle.

Guild of Heroes mod android

Guild of Heroes with a collection of magical characters for players to be allowed to role-play and fight. The player once again returns to fond childhood memories with fictional skills. Rich character and map systems are strong points for great combat experiences. Download Guild of Heroes mod goblins and devious dwarves are on your way, fight to eliminate them.

How to Download & Install Guild of Heroes MOD APK (Free Shopping/No Cooldown) for Android


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1 year ago

Any chance for me to get the sources of this mods .so files?
I would love to add some new features and change some of the existing ones.

1 year ago

1.127.3 atk/def MOD 2 please.

1 year ago

Pls, MOD 2.

2 years ago

Update mod 2 please

Shiro Shiro
Shiro Shiro
2 years ago

Ad ơi, cập nhật lại file mob đi ạ, vẫn còn 1.108.4 trong khi đã up 1.108.5 rồi ạ 🙁