Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas MOD APK v2.00 (Unlimited money)

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NameGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas
PublisherRockstar Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Try to become a notorious thief of the city. Be free to perform illegal acts. Live a new life. Have you ever thought about what the life of a thief would be like? Will it be as you imagine it? Do you think life must be very poor for someone who steals other people? Or could they be very rich if they stole a lot of money? What will the truth about a thief’s life be like? Come to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and see how a thief will start a new day!

GTA: San Andreas is an action game that is extremely dramatic and stimulating for players. You will be surprised, as this is a game inspired by a true story. In the Los Angeles city of the 1980s. The place contains countless dangerous evils, evil atrocities. Coming to this game, players will be playing the role of Carl Johnson, also known as CJ. To live in a space filled with evils and darkness. That is part of the reason that makes him a thief criminal. Find out what makes Carl Johnson become a person cursed by the whole society, what kind of boycott?

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas mod apk

Download GTA: San Andreas mod – Famous thief

To be honest, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is truly an action game that is extremely worth experiencing. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas allows players to experience the life of a bandit. Something that I have never known, so it promises to give players a very enjoyable experience. More than that, this is also an action role-playing game. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas consists of three main characters. Each character will have a different mission. But they are not fragmented and they are linked together in a tight circuit.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas mod

The story leads to a thief

Inspired by a true 80’s story in the city of Los Angeles. The story is about a young man who witnessed his brother being murdered. This is a city filled with the dark, rotting corruption of human society. This place contains all the evils of society, the famous dangerous bosses. When living in this city, everyone must pay attention and avoid the sight of traffickers and drug traffickers. Carl Johnson was falsely charged with murder, so he had to leave the city and flee somewhere else. It can be said that after this he has truly become a criminal. With charges of plundering piled up.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas mod apk free

Interesting gameplay

Los Angeles and Los Santos cities are meticulously designed, similar to real life. There are many famous structures to beautiful natural scenery. In fact, this is an extremely big plus for game publishers because it contributes to the most honesty. At the same time, this also helps to promote the image of a beautiful city through a new perspective. With extremely tense action moments. Use your shooting and driving skills to help your character win. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is almost a game for players to experience all other genres. For example car racing or marksmanship shooting.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas free

The missions are varied

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is equipped with extremely diverse and rich character systems. Includes 3 main characters in the game. Each character will have its own story and at the same time have different quests. You will be able to perform car robberies and professional racing. Bank robbery and countless other assigned missions. Above all, you need to run away from the cops and save your family. Completing assigned missions not only gets you rewarded. But it also contributes to helping your character improve fitness stats. Along with 3 other main characters, this game will certainly bring you many different challenges.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas apk

Hidden dark, and hidden corners of society. Experience the feeling of intense chasing with the cops. I wonder what life will be like as a thief? In particular, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas also allows players to roleplay with 3 different characters. This has created a novelty and unique. Helps players feel more excited to play. Not only that, but these 3 characters will have different stories but are still linked together. So this is really a very interesting game and makes players curious. Quickly download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and see the beautiful city right away!

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