Golmaal Jr MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.3.238

Updated on 14/03/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameGolmaal Jr APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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If bike races give us excitement, it’s Golmaal Jr. This chase is done with a relatively reasonable and specific due sign. That is to catch the hateful robber who is doing the hateful theft. Making him pay is how you make them learn. Chase quickly and continuously to make it impossible for him to escape. Easily overcome obstacles with your superior skills. Unfortunately, the abilities of young people are never limited by anything difficult and dangerous.

If BMX is a medium for teenagers, it will always make sense in the game. That’s why Golmaal Jr created a game influenced by the legendary Temple Run. But it is a fantastic improvement with miscellaneous items. Bringing challenging train tracks for everyone. The chases are getting more intense, with dozens of difficult things ahead. Just a few contradictions but lead to a fascinating journey. Choose your path to perfect your skills.

Golmaal Jr mod

Download Golmaal Jr mod – Chasing the hateful thief

People at train stations often have large amounts of necessary money stolen. You have quietly investigated and discovered that the thief is performing an improper action. He has seen your presence and is trying to run away in the direction of the tracks. Don’t let him escape, catch him and hand him over to the police for handling. This is not easy because this railway is a dangerous place. We need to avoid hitting random obstacles. Ensure the pursuit speed is maintained at a stable level and getting faster. You can complete the group to receive your desired gift until you catch the thief.

Vibrant city

You will discover the vast Golden Hills city is more than just a track. This is where the activities of daily life create excitement. Young people here often have interesting stories about their lives. From there, it led to the chasing situations that Golmaal Jr created for the game screen. Each level is a different part of the city developed to refresh. Make this small-scale chase all the more exciting. Each map offers good items and various obstacles. Therefore, you need to be more careful not to fall into the thief’s trap. Make him pay no matter where he runs.

Golmaal Jr mod free

Increased strength

There is no shortage of items to help you strengthen your power instantly. We have small rockets that allow you to jump a lot higher to overcome obstacles. A giant rocket helps you to fly into the air and get a lot of money in front of you. A strong magnet helps suck all the coins around without picking them up yourself. Lucky Coins allow you to double the number of cash picked up lying on the road. There’s also a protective shield that protects you against a single collision. These items bring significant advantages to help you overcome the not-so-simple challenges of the game screen. So collect them and don’t give the bad guys a chance to run away.

Golmaal Jr mod apk

Dodge obstacles

Obstacles come not only from the screen created but also from the thief you chase. Avoiding them is essential to move on to the following best way. First, reacting quickly when the bad guy starts to drop what he finds on the road is necessary. You will see where the crevices appear and take advantage of them to get through. Don’t let those obnoxious things stop you from the thrilling pursuit in Golmaal Jr mod.

Download Golmaal Jr MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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