Gold Town MOD APK 1.1.8 (Unlimited money)

Updated on 22/12/2022 (1 month ago)
NameGold Town APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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1. Gems Increasing
2. Buy Gold with Gems

Mine for gold and make it the most prominent gold trading place in Gold Town. You accidentally discover a site with a lot of gold and decide to take a risk here. The gold miners are transported by you and do the construction of the mining operation. The search for gold finally comes to fruition when you dig the first pieces from the ground. You can sell them to get capital to build a gold mining town. With upgrades over time and profits from mining, your time to get rich will not be far away. Explore the town’s gold mine and develop a gold mining industry to enrich yourself.

A gold mine has randomly appeared by you, and this opportunity cannot be passed on to anyone else. You have quickly embarked on determining the amount of gold here and mining. Each wave of gold mining has brought you huge profits and motivated you more. You are constantly erecting the gold mining works, and this place has become a town. You build everything from the first gold mine and expand into a vast area. You will manage all gold mining works and become a gold mine manager. Keep striving to mine and fulfill your dream of getting rich from a gold mine.

Gold Town android

Download Gold Town mod – Manage gold mining town

A once desolate place has now become an area crowded with buildings. The reason is that you have discovered gold here and proceeded to mine this gold mine. You and tools build you bring gold mines. This area has become more lively thanks to the activities of machinery and equipment. The wilderness of land has disappeared, and now only the urgency of mining remains. Your ability to get rich from this gold mine depends on the mining of the whole town. Join the gold mining process of a city and make the most significant profit from gold.

Gold Town apk

Town renovation

The place you mined for gold was originally just a remote place, and no one had ever discovered it. But you have good luck when you find the most precious metal and start mining. So this place gradually became a town with many constructions and gold mining tools. You want to mine gold faster, and renovating the city is the correct decision. The town gradually formed is also the time when the profit rate you earn from mining increases. Moreover, you can also exploit more valuable minerals other than gold. Mining is a must, let’s renovate the town so you get as much profit as possible.

Gold Town free

Discover the gold mine

There is not only a little gold in this land because they are always gathered near each other. You can search for more nearby mines when you successfully mine a mine. So your mining will occur continuously and can not interrupt the plan to get rich. Besides, there are weekly gold mining challenges, and you can earn bonuses. You can become a gold mine town manager; mining will be easy. Gold mines will be continuously discovered by you and included in mining ores. Explore the town’s gold mine and launch your successful gold mining operation.

Gold Town mod apk

Mining workers

To mine this gold-filled town, you need passionate workers. They will be the ones to help you mine the mine and come out with the minerals inside. The workers will also help increase the amount of gold and ore you mine. These workers will also need to be upgraded to give you the most significant benefit. The bonuses you earn from the mines will also boost construction. From there, workers working at your gold mine will work even harder to help you mine. Recruit miners and use them to help you get rich from the gold mine.

Gold Town mod

You have had the opportunity to explore a land full of gold and build a mining place there. This place will develop into a town thanks to you starting a gold ore mining operation. The development of the gold mine town depends on mining works and tools. Your activities in this gold mine will gradually transform the city into a place of growth. The more you mine, the more gold mines appear to let you get rich quickly. You will also get more miners in the gold mines and help you renovate the town. Download Gold Town to get rich and manage a city built from gold mining.

Download Gold Town MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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