GOD OF MAGIC MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) 3.1

Updated 13/04/2023 (11 months ago)
PublisherBack to Panda
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.2+
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1. Menu
2. Unlimited Gem ( Always Receive 99999 Gems, don’t exceed 2,147,483,647 )
3. Free Subscription Packs
( No Ads, Starter, Wizard Club Packs )
– Just tap to buy, if Google billing dialog pop out, just tap on somewhere else to close it.


Join the GOD OF MAGIC game and become the possessor of mysterious magical powers. You are the one who controls the paranormal stories around you and explores this world. Decide quickly with the right choices so you can keep moving with magic. You will create adventures, and you will also choose spells to appear. Role play and use chats to interact with each world magician and adventurer. Become part of a book handed down by the influential powers of magic. Choose your magical ending and become a god of magic in this world.

The magical world seems mysterious but still contains many secrets yet to be revealed. That was the danger of the world collapsing in the face of the decline of mystical origins. Fewer and fewer witches can perform magic, and it is magic that is the foundation of the world. This lack has thrown the magical world off balance, and you must learn everything. Your appearance can solve this world’s problems by learning magic. Enter the world and chat with witches to get in touch with new magic. Your every communication choice will determine whether or not you will find the source of your charm.


Download GOD OF MAGIC mod – Mastering magic power

The mysterious magical powers are now gone and affect the balance of the world. You are the one who can come into contact with this world by interacting with magic users. You will gradually discover the history of magic to you, and you will also be able to understand more about this world. You will have to go through the magic test once you make the wrong choice about magic. And it’s an opportunity to re-examine the information you have gained from previous witches. You can practice using magic to overcome each challenge the witch presents you. Make the most informed decisions and discover your magical potential in this world.


Magic world

The game is a magical world where whoever holds the way to cast magic has great power. You can get in touch with that power and dream of one day owning the power in your hands. This energy is the basis for you to destroy each obstacle to defeat the enemy. Every journey you go through is every kind of magic you can come into contact with and hold. The skills needed for a witch will need to be upgraded to make you more proficient. Use your conversations to adventure the magical world and discover this strange power. You decide, and whether you become a supernatural god or not is up to you.


The journey of holding magic

A world stored in a book with magic that no one has ever mastered. The magical spell has never been fully understood because of its tremendous power over everything. The chance to take control of the supernatural world is now yours by chatting with everything. Use magic and interact by learning how the magic happens; spells get hold of it. Engage and battle magical monsters that stand in your way on your way to know them. The game has only one precise story that puts you most exposed to powerful magic. Will you be the master of all magic or only exposed to a small part of the world?

GOD OF MAGIC android

Magic challenge

In this mysterious world, you will have the opportunity to meet witches with powerful magic. They were people who used magic all year round, and they did it most skillfully. Just one careless when you chat with them, and you will fall under a spell. Witches create the world with magic to punish you when you make wrong choices. It is also a challenge on your way to becoming a magical possessor like them. You may have a hard time, but over time you’ll get to grips with how magic works. The right choices will point you in the right direction to expose you to pure magical power.

GOD OF MAGIC mod apk

The story of the magical world ahead in the game is waiting to be discovered by you. You will gradually reveal magical secrets, and you have the opportunity to hold them. Challenge the witch and check if you are qualified to acquire magic. Fight each obstacle and enemy to prove your magical abilities. Communicate with witches to gain experience and learn magical skills. Explore each supernatural story direction with your choices in each dialogue. The magical world will change forever after you make a particular decision. Download GOD OF MAGIC mod to become a great magic god with power in hand.

How to Download & Install GOD OF MAGIC MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) for Android


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