Girls Battle MOD APK (God mode/Unlimited ammo) 3.0

Updated 14/04/2023 (1 year ago)
NameGirls Battle APK
PublisherTornado Studio
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Unlimited ammo
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Girls Battle MOD APK detail?

1. God mode
2. Dumb enemy
3. Unlimited ammo
4. No reload

Introduce MOD APK Girls Battle

Games that use a first-person perspective always bring the most authentic experience to players participating in combat and adventure. With the survival action game called Girls Battle, the players can play the role of gorgeous girls. In the first-person perspective of the warrior girls using special guns. The players of the game use survival skills in different fierce battles. The score will decide all actions that the player earns. Participating in competitions with female warriors whose players play is extraordinary. Too suitable for game players who love strong girls. Charming and resilient are words to describe the girls of the game Girls Battle.

Join the survival action with a team of beautiful girls now—a front without the appearance of a man at all. The girls are played by the player who joins together to form a party. Win ultimately with the bravery and ingenuity of the best game players. After each tough and fierce battle, players accumulate more combat survival experience. Can the player’s girls master complex combat weapons? Although the operation is easy, to become a master must go through many difficulties and challenges.

Girls Battle mod android

Download Girls Battle mod – Survive with beautiful girls

What are you waiting for, do not join immediately with a unique survival game called Girls Battle. With a large amount of equipment collected, the game player must know how to use them properly. The arena is so vast and boundless that players can be overwhelmed. Mastering the character of a beautiful girl will lead to a glorious victory. Even though they were all lovely girls in battle, they couldn’t hold back. Attack firmly and decisively, without mercy on anyone the player meets along the way. No network connection is required on a video game device to participate in combat. Diverse and rich game modes are arbitrarily adjusted according to game players’ will. If the player is passionate about shooting or survival, go to Girls Battle.

Girls Battle mod android free

My teammates and enemies are all females.

It’s a novel game when the warriors on the game battlefield are all female. There is no appearance of a male character at all. Characters’ enemies or teammates of the game player are of the same gender. Extremely pleasing to the eyes when fighting side by side with beautiful girls. Girls are usually not direct participants in fierce wars. They are often solid rear support for the boys. But at the game Girls Battle, the girls will combine to form a reliable team to go to victory and achieve the highest achievements. Let’s coordinate and fight together in a rhythmic, skilful way.

Girls Battle mod

Various equipment and weapons

There are a lot of weapons that the game player can use in the system to survive. Typical guns such as machine guns, laser guns and shotguns help destroy enemies. Know the capabilities of each firearm to master this fierce battle. Cars can also become a weapon when participating in game players’ combat. The game’s players choose the most appropriate weapons depending on the battle situation, in critical cases, surrounded by enemies on all sides. Quickly pull out the bombs in the character’s carry bag. Create shockwaves that damage and repel enemies, rescuing the player himself.

Girls Battle mod apk

Special manipulation skills

With vast terrain, mainly green plains must learn to move. You can learn how to drive cars to move faster on this battlefield. Each gun that the system offers will have a different use. This requires players to have the skills to use it correctly. The later the game Girls Battle becomes more and more complex; players must try to strengthen their fighting skills. Defeat enemies and capture their strongholds for valuable bonus points. Players must show the most superior skills to get to the final victory.

Girls Battle mod apk free

Girls’ Battle game offers a unique feeling. Download Girls Battle mod to enter a world full of dangers, find a way to survive and lead a team of female warriors to victory.

How to Download & Install Girls Battle MOD APK (God mode/Unlimited ammo) for Android


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