GENESIS: IDLE MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Gold/Damage) 2.0.25

Updated 01/11/2023 (4 months ago)
PublisherUBIS Inc.
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Gold/Damage
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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GENESIS: IDLE MOD APK is where you can go on exciting adventures. You will begin your adventures towards the vast sky. There is an excellent citadel where you can meet a noble princess. She belongs to the Beas kingdom and will give you much information to explore. So, when you start your journey, you can grow unlimited strength through the system. And the reason you need to be strong is to be able to overcome exploration challenges. Prepare for your mission to take to the skies and conduct aerial explorations.

Your mission when exploring is to find hidden mysteries that are hidden from others. And where you conduct your journeys is the sky where a citadel is built. There, you will enter the Beas kingdom and begin your exploration. Then, you will summon heroes to join you on your journeys. However, this aerial kingdom still has many dangers and requires equipment. They are handy for you to gain strength to complete exploration missions. Step by step, prepare for adventurous journeys in a floating citadel in the sky.


Download GENESIS: IDLE MOD APK MOD APK – Enjoy conquering exploration missions

You will become the leader of a team to explore the citadel in the sky. It’s where a princess lives, and all activities here revolve around her. So, when studying, you will learn about the princess and the entire citadel. However, you need the help of members who are talented heroes. They will join you in collecting different equipment to have the strength to overcome challenges. They are combat missions that appear during exploration to test you. And when you have enough power and determination, you will overcome the adventure missions.


Lead the exploration team

To be able to explore a vast world, you need help from teammates. And in a world with a stronghold in the air, you will have the opportunity to find talented people. They are heroes, and you will be their leader in your discovery party. With their help, you will enjoy different combat moments as you explore. However, the battles will be more difficult as your opponent becomes stronger. So, it would be best if you increased the strength of the heroes to fight in the challenges. Lead a party of mighty heroes to explore in GENESIS: IDLE MOD APK.


Overcoming dangerous challenges

You must face combat challenges before completing the exploration mission. But the team’s heroes will stand with you in every challenge of fighting against the enemy. They can be powerful defenders or monsters inside towers. So, in the fight process, you must overcome three types of matches to complete the goal. They all have dangerous challenges, and you must fight bravely to win. Moreover, it would be best if you summoned more heroes to make the team you lead stronger. Fight challenges against enemies and win explorations.


Get the winning rewards

Your journey of discovery begins when you become the captain of a squad. That’s where the heroes regroup and follow your orders to advance in discovery. And you will engage in different forms of combat as you enter the aerial stronghold. That place has many places to explore, but the challenges that appear will prevent you from moving forward. However, you and the heroes will receive rewards when you win any battle. They are unique items that can help you enhance and improve your strength. Win challenging battle stages and get victory rewards even when you’re offline.


You are the leader of a team of talented people making discoveries. And you aim to adventure to the sky stronghold where a kingdom exists. It’s the place you’re seeking, but you’ll encounter obstacles in your journey of discovery. They are the guardian bosses and the monsters in the towers that challenge the power. So, to complete your adventure mission, you need to fight and overcome all of them. And in this journey, remember to improve your strength and the heroes in the team. Download GENESIS: IDLE MOD APK to explore the aerial kingdom through engaging combat missions.

How to Download & Install GENESIS: IDLE MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Gold/Damage) for Android


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