Gardenscapes MOD APK (Stars increase when spent) 6.7.1

Updated on 05/01/2023 (1 month ago)
NameGardenscapes APK
MOD FeaturesStars increase when spent
SupportAndroid 4.2+
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Gardenscapes is a game for you to immerse yourself in the natural space with fresh air. Your mission is to help Austin rebuild the garden to turn it into a paradise with many trees and buildings. There’s no denying that letting yourself in the surrounding trees improves your mood. When you are tired, you can easily forget all worries and immerse yourself in nature will bring great feelings. In the past, this place was also a very beautiful garden, but over time it lacked care, so almost all of them have deteriorated. Gardenscapes needs you to restore with the design of the layout of the objects you want.

Austin has had many years of experience as a housekeeper, so this is not difficult for him. Clearing the yard, restoring trees is his daily job. It’s just that now he doesn’t have to work as a hired labourer, but he’s working on his own land. If you have played Homescapes before, it is also a game with similar gameplay and you need to restore your old house after a trip. Austin is a character who has been very successful in games with rebuilding houses and gardens.

Gardenscapes mod

Download Gardenscapes MOD – Rebuild the garden

Each day spent in Gardenscapes is a different series of work. Instead of level play, you will eat in Austin every day and assist the character to remake each area in the garden. Trash, leaves, and bushes are everywhere, and the desolate scenery is the first thing you see. Plants are underdeveloped because of many insects. Now is the time for players to settle those things. This garden needs to be brought back to life with greenery and more modern buildings than in the past. Reconstruct seats, fountains, replant flowers and take care of them, you will do the same. From the moment the sun rises to the time you need a light to illuminate it is your daily work time. Please work hard to complete this garden soon, you also have many supporting characters, not alone.

Every day is busy

It seems that the butler is still not relaxed at an old age that should be with children and grandchildren as many people think. But no, the joy of Austin is to work like that, he’s always passionate about his work. Whatsoever he is capable of accomplishing it quickly. Change to a new mailbox raked in garden trash filled with leaves. You will get used to the style of enjoying a cup of tea before you start doing something. The day that begins and ends the day is when players receive a character’s waving. The dialogue is like interacting with the player, you can also ignore it.

Gardenscapes mod apk

Minigame and reward collection

Seemingly unrelated, but you will need to regularly complete fruit matching levels such as grapes, pears, apples … Stars, gold coins are what you can collect if you do well. Those items are essential when you do anything to restore the garden. At times, Gardenscapes allows players to participate in the challenge of extinguishing the fire and escaping danger when facing a wolf in the garden.

Interact with many characters

Although he can do many things, Austin still needs help if he wants to quickly complete the garden. And the dog will soon appear as a friend of his. In the journey to change the garden you always have characters appear to help you in times of difficulty.

Gardenscapes mod download

Gardenscapes with large, ruined gardens, but not everyone sees its potential. The change is entirely up to you, help Austin be able to regain beauty here soon. Download Gardenscapes MOD everything belongs to you, turn them into valuable objects in the beautiful garden.

Download Gardenscapes MOD APK (Stars increase when spent) for Android

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