Gallery EZ MOD APK 1.101 (Premium unlocked)

Posted 3 months ago by Thuỷ Dương
NameGallery EZ APK
PublisherSeelye Engineering
MOD FeaturesPremium unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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At first glance, you will think Gallery EZ is just a place to store normal photos. Anyone would believe indeed so until using it. Gallery EZ has a lot of new functions that a regular photo gallery cannot do. The main factors are still minimalist operation and convenience for users. Everyone has their interesting photos and wants to keep them. Gallery EZ makes storing them more meaningful outside of security. You can influence photos in many exciting ways.

Gallery EZ’s photo upload speed is what people appreciate the most. Multiple photos appear simultaneously in a second, making it possibly the world’s fastest photo downloader app. Next is how to organize the images by specific topics and genres. That will be up to you to decide. But before you do that, Gallery EZ will also do intelligent sorting by algorithms. Its goal for users is simplicity and lightning speed. Unfortunately, it has caused many users to abandon the original photo library on their smartphones to use it directly.

Gallery EZ mod

Download Gallery EZ mod – The most reliable photo store

Gallery EZ will not store photos without your permission. So you can move the pictures to it whenever it is functional. Gallery EZ contains a button to switch to the camera to take pictures. And any photos you take from there will be migrated to this app. Many other operations, such as taking screenshots, and recording videos with the camera and screen, can be done and saved on Gallery EZ. So, what value comes from it for us to download and use? Gallery EZ will change the way to store photos more scientifically. It can also be because you choose and arrange it according to your comfort. It has a lot more customization tools for you to use than the regular library.

Gallery EZ mod apk

Change the color environment

The first thing is that Gallery EZ has the function of turning the application space into two different versions. It is light mode with white background and dark mode with a black background. You might think it’s nothing special but take a closer look. Each icon has been changed to match the color tone perfectly. Dark mode at night also helps you avoid eye strain and blue light impact. From the beginning, Gallery EZ has been geared towards healthy usage for its users, and it has done just that.

Gallery EZ mod apk free

Display photos in multiple styles

There will be many different methods of displaying photos inside Gallery EZ. There is a method that will help you visually see all the images. There is a way to make them neater and more refined. Use your finger to swipe to change the layout of the photos. We can display the images based on the date taken and downloaded. Sort in order of capacity from high to low or vice versa. Image quality is also worth noting, with a high pixel ratio and almost no image breakage when shooting. Gallery EZ’s camera is also excellent.

Design your layout

You’ve mastered how you organize your photos. Now is the time to distinguish them. Although knowing it will be straightforward to distinguish when you look at them and know right away. However, it is not certain that you will be sure that this photo was taken at a specific time or a special occasion. So let’s name them. Go to settings and choose your favorite fonts. Then press and hold to select any photo. Name it based on a specific feature that only the image has. Many times you will create a list of photos full of information.

Gallery EZ mod free

Uploading and storing photos is much more reliable and secure on Gallery EZ, with functions not usually available in libraries. Gallery EZ mod helps you know how to keep your memories best.

Download Gallery EZ MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android

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