FROM THE SEA MOD APK (Unlimited money, High rank) 2.0.7

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MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, High rank
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The vast sea is home to many exciting events. Wars between warships and fighters also abound. FROM THE SEA will let you understand more about how brutal and complicated these wars are. Simulate battles between fighters. Equip the most advanced weapons to bombard enemy buildings and vehicles. FROM THE SEA focuses on the most difficult techniques to control the aircraft proficiently. It takes a lot of time to get used to the air environment. Having to resist tremendous pressure while constantly fighting the enemy.

With a system and environment that evoke memories of real war movies, players are exposed to the most realistic things about warplanes and vehicles. You will learn how to fly a variety of the most advanced aircraft. They are made with advanced technology and a variety of powerful weapons. All were dubbed the monsters in the air. Both have fast speed and deal a large amount of damage. From there, you will also participate in many battles. Confront the countries of the world to show your strength.


Download FROM THE SEA mod – Freedom to fly and fight perfectly

To safely move on the battlefield and fight, we need first to get used to the controls in the game. FROM THE SEA provides us with two control systems. They are located separately on either side of the horizontal screen. On the left are buttons used to move the aircraft’s flight direction. On the right are the tools to use the weapon to fire at the necessary target. You will almost always use both of these systems. The aircraft will perform many different behaviors depending on the combination of buttons. You need to carefully learn the use of each button to use them proficiently on the battlefield.

Our goals are many and varied. Most missions usually revolve around attacking the enemy’s base and military equipment. As the battlefield is expanded worldwide, each country has a unique character of their weapons and bases. If we want to win easily, we must exploit many characteristics of the enemy. Attacking the weak points will help the win rate be higher than usual. Now, are you ready to become a seasoned pilot?

FROM THE SEA mod apk

 The most advanced aircraft

All famous fighters have a chance to appear in FROM THE SEA. These can be mentioned as KA-27, NH-90A, AH-53, S-97, CH-47, Ka-52… They all have a very distinctive appearance which is a plus. Next is to equip many different weapons such as AIM, AGM, Smart Bomb, the torpedo. However, those weapons are not available, and you have to upgrade to get them. You will have a certain amount of extra money through many battles. Equip your favorite plane with special weapons. Most need to be equipped with appropriate weapons based on the battle you are about to participate in. All ready for you to take off. Now let’s move on to the battlefield.

FROM THE SEA mod apk free

Fight everywhere

The war on a worldwide scale is also divided into many small battlefields. Each battle in the game will be once you fight in those battlefields. It could be an underground base in North Korea. Even an extensive battleship system in the Middle East. Of course, the terrain on the battlefields was not the same. At times you will fly over the vast grasslands and deserts searching for enemies. Sometimes fighting fiercely over a large sea. Just hit by a bullet, you immediately know your outcome. Tasks are diverse for you to perform in many ways. Maybe destroy the base, shoot down the fighter planes…

FROM THE SEA mod free

Ranking of individual achievements

If you’ve completed most of the missions and already have some impressive feats, why not show it off to many players around the world. FROM THE SEA has a confrontation mode with other players. You and them will compete through many PvP battles. Either based on the many trophies obtained in the default mode. Whoever has more achievements will naturally have a higher rank. The world rankings are constantly fluctuating and never silent. Prove to the world what a great pilot you are. Climb to the top with your skills and overwhelming achievements.


Those are the most fun things you can do on a fundamental level in FROM THE SEA. Use a variety of fighters to take down enemy troops. Search to bases and military assets to perform total annihilation. Fighter flying skills are the most important when playing this game. That’s why to join FROM THE SEA mod now to show your skills and achievements in the most chaotic battles.

How to Download & Install FROM THE SEA MOD APK (Unlimited money, High rank) for Android


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