Forgotten Memories MOD APK (Dumb Mannequin, max durability) 1.0.8

Updated 08/10/2021 (3 years ago)
NameForgotten Memories APK
PublisherPsychose Interactive Inc.
MOD FeaturesDumb Mannequin, max durability
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Forgotten Memories

Memory loss is a scary thing when we have no memory of something that happened. Do not know where we have been, what to do. Or most horrible, not remembering the existence of those around him. Those negative states are what the main character in the game Forgotten Memories is going through. With a horror-action genre, Forgotten Memories will take you through many levels of emotions. And also takes you on a journey full of difficulty and intimidation. If it feels cold, you’re ready to go.

As the protagonist Rose Hawkins, a strange woman wakes up in an unknown place. Do not know what thoughts exist in her mind. Only instinct motivated Rose to go looking for a child named Eden. In the journey to find the baby. She realized she was caught in a loophole in the endless time loop. By all means, she had to get out of here. Find the child and the truth behind everything she is doing. The sensational details in the game will make you both excited and scared.

Forgotten Memories mod

Download Forgotten Memories mod – An endless nightmare

Combining survival, horror, and puzzles at the same time. Forgotten Memories bring you to a dark world. The place is full of moving dolls and dolls. And there seems to be another huge dark force behind it all. Follow the protagonist Rose, you will go through all the areas near your appearance to find little Eden. From the mad hospital, abandoned hospital to many other remote places. Encounter with unidentified lifeless entities. Overcome them to find strong points. The instructions made Rose remember her story. Since then revealed many mysterious and bizarre details of this case.

In addition to the screenplay stealth action. The game also has topographic and intellectual puzzles to challenge you. Use all your gray matter to connect the pieces together. The answer will gradually appear in front of your eyes. That could be a new clue leading directly to the investigation. Or a quiet silence for players to meditate emotionally.

Forgotten Memories mod free

A characteristic dark atmosphere

Designed in a context with mystery and memory loss. Forgotten Memories will definitely try for themselves a dark space characteristic of a horror game. The scene represents death. Perhaps the only thing with a soul is only Rose. How many journeys will you go through with her to face the hidden dark forces? They spread terror wherever you go. An abandoned hospital with dusty tools. It looks terrifying, right. But still do not know what awaits you in the darkness. The most important thing is to not let your guard down at any time.

Forgotten Memories mod apk free

The operations are not complicated

With a horror game like Forgotten Memories. There are many actions in the Gameplay are extremely easy to understand. But the truth is quite the opposite. It is true that the character’s actions are shown a lot through running, jumping, and holding objects. But they are all interacting on the screen in a simple and optimal way. It is important that you will focus on lots of plot details, puzzles, and more. Rather than taking the time to get used to too many complicated operations. Along with unusual happenings in the game. You will enjoy all of them which is much more enjoyable.

Forgotten Memories mod apk

There are no auxiliary elements

The game will not support you with any store purchases or anything like that. There are no guns, ammunition or supporting equipment for you to use in the game. Because basically, you will do everything by hand instead of many troublesome items. It has the inherent horror and logic needed. A character wakes up in an unknown place where is. How can you equip a variety of equipment and weapons? In addition, there are many details that affect the story that Forgotten Memories has conveyed. Should not use what is the best option.

Forgotten Memories free

A whole new horror experience when everything is in front of you in obscurity and vagueness. Help Rose find Eden and discover the secret hidden in this mysterious world. All players who tried it out gave positive reviews of its creepiness and a great storyline. So why have you not downloaded the Forgotten Memories mod and go through everything yourself?

How to Download & Install Forgotten Memories MOD APK (Dumb Mannequin, max durability) for Android


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