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Introduce MOD APK FLIP

Do you need to focus on studying, but coffee and quiet space are still not enough? The only thing you need is just FLIP. An app dedicated solely to learning focus. But how to focus when it’s a smartphone app – the something that distracts people the most? The answer will be right here if you cannot concentrate in a class due to some technological reasons. You get what I mean, don’t you? Then this is the app for you. A measure to show how focused each person is.

The purpose of FLIP is to count your focus time. See if you can avoid the temptation to use a smartphone. Because if you quit this app and do something else. All your attempts will be deleted immediately. You cannot continue accumulating your study time unless you re-enter the app and start over from the beginning. You don’t want that. So get from the beginning and seamlessly to have time to focus as long as possible. Then what do you use it for? I will tell you now.

FLIP mod

Download FLIP mod – For absolute concentration

To use FLIP, you must have a goal to accomplish. First, add in your subject-related goals. For example, a Math assignment, a Biology presentation, etc. Set specific times for those goals to be completed. They will be added to your to-do list. When it’s time to do some tasks, tap them to get started. The clock will run until the time you have set complete. During that time you have to focus on your studies. Do not switch to another application, but you can flip the phone over and see the accumulated time. This is a great way to improve concentration.

FLIP mod apk

Accumulate time table

Completing many goals will make you own a lot of titles. As well as accumulate the total time you have used to focus on studying. Switch to the graph section to determine which subjects you’ve spent specific time on. Compare with dates of similarity or advancement. If it does decrease without the amount of exercise is low, you should improve your concentration. This is a global race where everyone accumulates as much time as possible. So don’t be left behind by the whole world.

FLIP mod apk free

Communicate with everybody

It’s a function you can do in your non-study time. FLIP has plenty of room for all users to gather toBut, ofther. But, of course, before or after school so everyone can share with everyone about themselves. Together we encourage and focus on learning better. The fastest way to find more friends across five continents. You can also study and focus with them. Reach higher milestones and achieve real success in school.

FLIP mod free

Focus on strangers

This is perhaps the most exciting feature of FLIP. You choose any classroom and access it. You will see a lot of users like you. But this room is not noisy at all but hushed. Instead, no one is allowed to turn on their microphone. All are in the process of focusing on learning just like you did. However, this does not let you get to know or chat with anyone. But it certainly gives a mental boost. That everyone is also focused on learning. And why are you the only one doing nothing?

FLIP free

FLIP offers a brand new way to help you study and especially practice concentration. To achieve good results in subjects and make friends with many people around the world, FLIP mod is the most suitable means.

How to Download & Install FLIP MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android


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