Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World MOD APK (God mode) 1.80

Updated 29/08/2021 (3 years ago)
NameFire Craft: 3D Pixel World APK
PublisherOneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World

Confirmed to be inspired by the Minecraft world survival monument. Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World is a shooting game with impressive blocky graphics. Now you and Steve will still survive in the world of Minecraft. But now, we will have to face the strangest creatures. Moreover, the support of special weapons will make this game more attractive than ever. Pick up your weapon anywhere, shoot down any monsters that want to take you down. Become the survival tycoon again in this dangerous world.

All must admit that until now, Minecraft is the best-selling game worldwide. Everyone in the world is passionate about magic cubes. Create creativity in the exciting survival world. Minecraft is a game that you can play any way you want. That’s why there are so many versions inspired by this blocky game. One of them is Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World that I mentioned in this article. Just by hearing the name, you know this is a shooting game. Specifically, what will it bring to us differently?

Fire Craft 3D Pixel World mod

Download Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World mod – Shooting in a unique square world

There will be similarities with Minecraft, and you are summoned to this square world for unknown reasons. Like Steve, you will discover the basics and the most interesting here. However, not in the usual way of cutting wood for raw materials. With a real difficulty and challenge, confronting you will be many monsters regardless of day and night. Including things, you’ve never seen before in Minecraft. It will have a completely independent story and extremely quality. But I won’t tell you right now because it will be very long.

It is because monsters appear a lot, forcing us to fight continuously to survive the day safely. So collecting weapons to fight is the smartest choice we can make right now. How do you think you will find weapons? Use the money to buy them? Going to explore and open treasure chests? All wrong, you will assemble the most powerful guns yourself. As long as there are enough recipes and materials, it can be made immediately. The combination of manufacturing and military is shown extremely intelligently by the developer.

Fire Craft 3D Pixel World mod free

Freedom with different modes

The 3 most attractive modes in the game will surely make you play again and again without getting bored. If you’re interested in the main story, play the storyline of Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World. You will understand why you were summoned to this world. Meet the characters who will fight alongside us. Unlock more interesting areas that you will definitely return to for more items. Craft your own guns and upgrade them to be more powerful. Everything will play out just like a separate universe. Monsters are waiting for you to come and destroy. Get ready for the adventure of the brave gunman.

Fire Craft 3D Pixel World mod apk

Levels and many surprise areas

The number 50 is probably enough to reflect the difficulty of this game. To make it easy for you to imagine, at level 1, only harmless monsters you can destroy with your bare hands. Up to level 50 are the game’s hardest monsters. Killing it is considered as you have broken this game. Stretching through many different lands that, if you look back, you probably won’t count—adventure on ice and snow maps. Monsters can attack ice magic. A lava map with great heat can kill any creature. Ocean map of many mysterious creatures living on the seabed. Each place, you will adventure in a completely different way.

Fire Craft 3D Pixel World mod apk free

The most interesting look

Appearance in the game is always the first thing that we will choose to create our character. It can be said that appearance shows our own personality and characteristics when playing games. Understanding this, Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World offers us more than 180 different looks to play in our world. Not stopping there, the system also allows you to create your own costumes through mods. Then your look will be unique. Proudly show off your own outfit to make the experience as fun as possible.

Fire Craft 3D Pixel World free

From just a small game with no name, Minecraft has grown and is now completely popular worldwide. Followed by a lot of games with similar content going up and developing strongly. Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World has the right to be proud that it is also one of the most excellently inspired and worth playing names. Go adventure and shoot to kill monsters with Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World mod.

How to Download & Install Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World MOD APK (God mode) for Android


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