Farmer Against Potatoes Idle MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited materials/Dumb Enemy/Damage) 0.5021

Updated 01/08/2023 (9 months ago)
NameFarmer Against Potatoes Idle APK
PublisherOni Gaming
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited materials/Dumb Enemy/Damage
SupportAndroid 7.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
Farmer Against Potatoes Idle MOD APK detail?

1. Menu
2. Damage Multiplier
3. Dumb Enemy
4. Unlimited Potato*
5. Unlimited Skull*

Introduce MOD APK Farmer Against Potatoes Idle

Help farmers fend off a wave of potato attacks in Farmer Against Potatoes Idle. Farmers do not understand why they have become the target of attacks on their agricultural products. And the waves that entered the farmer’s quarters were the potato owners. They were still raised by farmers before and didn’t have any consciousness. But now their faces were angry, and weapons in their hands were moving towards humans. Although surprised, the farmers knew they were facing unprecedented danger. Help farmers overcome their mental crises and defend their homes.

The world in the farmers’ eyes has been completely turned upside down since they woke up. They have permanently been attached to growing agricultural products on the farm, but this has changed. The farmers suddenly woke up in the middle of their fields but were attacked by siege. They are mutant potatoes that come from the farm that farmers grow. In the middle of this vast field, farmers can only rely on their strength. The potato attack can confuse farmers, but they will still find a way out. Become a farmer and resist the attack from mutant potatoes.

Farmer Against Potatoes Idle android

Download Farmer Against Potatoes Idle mod – Overcome the attack from potatoes

The farm attack on the potatoes has disrupted the farmer’s life. Their farming could no longer be sustained, so they had to quell the potatoes. They have been influenced by mysterious forces and become mutants among agricultural products. The potatoes became riotous and turned towards the person who planted them and attacked. Despite the panic, farmers still need to protect the results of their farming. They will not have a unique combat weapon system to counter the wave of potatoes. But the abilities accumulated from building the farm will help them repel the attacking potatoes.

Farmer Against Potatoes Idle apk

Against potatoes

The gentle farmers are now forced to join the war to protect themselves. And the enemies that appear are the potatoes they grow on their own. They were mutated and gradually rose from the ground and headed towards the farm to attack. So the farmers have to protect their crops and defend the farm. The frenzy of potatoes can crush any defence. But your help will help the farmers withstand the attacks. Take the farm tools in hand and power up the farmers to fight the potato uprising.

Farmer Against Potatoes Idle free

Defence skill

The farmer’s farm is facing an attack from the potatoes. Inside that is all their farming efforts over time, and the farmers must defend themselves. The farmers are alone, facing the wave of potatoes, and need your help. You will help the farmers gain defensive skills to defeat the potatoes. The way you support can help farmers get different studio styles. And skill upgrades will help farmers take down more and more waves of potatoes. Discover defence skills and help farmers defend their farms against attacking potatoes.

Farmer Against Potatoes Idle mod

Protection achievement

The farmers have lost their memories after waking up in the middle of their vast farm. They were isolated by the wave of potatoes that kept coming, and they were indignant. The potatoes attacked the peasants as if there was an unresolvable problem between them. And inside the lock of potatoes, there are some surrounding skulls. Most likely, the crazy potatoes were affected by them and attacked the farmers. Other worlds also fall under attack from potatoes, and you must help them defend. Help your farmer destroy the crazy potatoes and unlock the protection achievement.

Farmer Against Potatoes Idle mod apk

You will be involved in the process of helping simple farmers defend against monsters. They are potatoes that used to be grown in farm clams but have gone mad. It seems that it is a farmer’s nightmare, but it is not. The potatoes have indeed targeted them and now have to fend them off. But the farmers have your companion in finding the right defence skills. Farmers’ war against potatoes will not be alone, and you will decide with them. Download Farmer Against Potatoes Idle mod to help farmers destroy the crazy potatoes.

How to Download & Install Farmer Against Potatoes Idle MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited materials/Dumb Enemy/Damage) for Android


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