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Updated 20/06/2024 (4 days ago)
NameFamily Island APK
PublisherMelsoft Games Ltd
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Family Island

How to handle if we don’t have a bit of modern technology around. All returns to zero, you and your family are taken to an island and spawned in this place. That’s when you accept living in a world like Family Island. A simulation game that builds and remakes everything for a living. However, you will not be alone and will do it with your family. Everyone can live together peacefully and happily. Even without a TV, Smartphone, or any other technology on hand.

Bringing the theme of gathering resources, building constructions, and raising and cultivating crops. Family Island MOD APK provides all the resources you need to do just that. Just collecting them hard and actively can do anything. Next is to build your beautiful and dreamy village. Grow crops in the fields to harvest agricultural products. Follow the most interesting story and scale your living. Most of the activities you do in the game are activities from ancient times. However, that does not cause boredom, and also makes players very excited and free to explore.

Family Island mod

Download Family Island APK 2024149.0.46966 – Develop family life on a large island

First, you need to choose your territory. Will consider expanding it later. The first is to build simple houses. Grow crops in your garden. To increase money, experience to upgrade the village. Next are more complex jobs such as expansion and construction of more buildings. Pythons raise animals for suitable materials. Help improve meals in this neo-ancient world. The rest of the time is to watch and enjoy the results of your own making. The most relaxing and happy way.

However, it cannot be developed in such a simple way forever. Everything needs more exchange and progress. By trading items with various characters outside the village. You will collect more money and experience for deals. From there, there is an opportunity to expand the scale of the store even wider. Open more types of entertainment and attractive services of the Stone Age. Looks very interesting and the retro-historical is quite acceptable.

Family Island mod apk

Produced in different ways

Your main job is definitely the production of goods and the consumption and sale of them outside the market. With items collected from the fields. Fruit crops and rice are very popular in the market. Along with many preparations from animal materials provided. You will certainly get a variety of items at high prices to sell to merchants throughout the game. With this feature, your money will be more and more. It is possible to expand to many new buildings, the size of the village and beautiful decorative models cannot be missed.

Family Island mod mod

Discover the story of an interesting life

Don’t just take the village chief’s family through adventures. You will discover many interesting stories about them on Family Island MOD APK. Through many simple tasks such as production, decoration, delivery… You will get to know more peaceful aspects of life on the deserted island. What would a life without the Internet be like? And what to do to be able to go through difficulties. Create a developed and happy village as it is today. You will learn a lot more about life’s lessons and people’s excessive dependence on technology today.

Family Island mod apk free

Unlock new islands

After completing all the necessary technology on your island. Now it is extremely stable and developed. That’s when you can unlock more islands. Continue the journey to turn it into the most beautiful and developed new village. There are many islands corresponding to the milestones for you to overcome and build them. Concentrate fully on the work you are doing. Don’t forget to take the time to enjoy the moment with your family. And many other types of attractive entertainment are waiting.

Family Island mod free

Lots of interesting stories. The same activities that seem boring but very fun in Family Island. We just learned that life without technology is still extremely happy and prosperous. It doesn’t mean we have to boycott technology. But sometimes you have to know how to limit it to be able to be near the closest family members. A great message from the developer of Family Island mod.

How to Download & Install Family Island APK for Android


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