Extreme Landings Pro MOD APK (Unlocked) 3.7.8

Updated on 15/03/2022 (2 years ago)
NameExtreme Landings Pro APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Extreme Landings Pro is the game for you to experience flight and handling situations. Aeroplane control in realistic simulated gameplay. The player will be an excellent pilot through specific circumstances. Not ordinary flights just take off and land. The game offers many challenges that affect the aircraft you are flying. Do everything possible to make it safe, uninterrupted. Explore the most modern aircraft models in Extreme Landings Pro. Players can easily get used to the flight mode that takes the plane off in the sky. Face all the hurdles and get back to the tarmac in a safe state.

The salary of the pilot is usually very high, you think you can do this. Try Extreme Landings Pro, GameDVA.com is sure you will feel the true value of the pilots. Flight control is unlike any other vehicle. Besides, thousands of dangerous situations brought into this game by the developer will make it difficult for you. Get familiar with the control system in the cockpit to better understand each step of the aircraft’s operations. Develop your flying skills and become the best pilot.

Extreme Landings Pro mod

Download Extreme Landings Pro mod – Memorable flights

Human creativity over the centuries has made aeroplanes a popular vehicle. You can speed up travel in remote locations in less time. Extreme Landings Pro gives you a better understanding of what pilots need to do. To know the conveniences of the plane you just need to be a passenger. But if you want to learn how it works, you need to sit in the cockpit to admire the many switches and buttons. Start your day full of energy and become a professional pilot. The first flights are waiting for you to start and take off. Extreme Landings Pro has the highest quality of aviation services in the world.

Extreme Landings Pro mod apk

Pilot’s mission

Extreme Landings Pro has more than 36 different missions and 5000+ unusual situations that require players to take action. Not a daily passenger flight, you need to face many challenges. Even accidents or explosions can happen if inexperienced while flying a plane. Extreme Landings Pro faithfully simulates every detail in the dashboard. Of course, the publisher will get rid of the intricacies at first. It will appear in the following levels to help you shape the abilities of a professional pilot.

Hundreds of airports

Will the 500 airports in Extreme Landings Pro overwhelm you? And yet, 20 HD airports help players get the sharpest images. The airport-based buildings are real and bring into the game with the best levels. Everything is ready for pilots to discover and develop themselves. Airports with diverse designs in many different styles. Flight in Extreme Landings Pro helps players get a long trip. Gains experience accumulated after each challenge of the game.

Extreme Landings Pro mod download

3D cockpit

Cockpit simulated with 3D graphics. All essential flight safety facilities are available here. Landing Instrument, ILS, Navigation, Weather Radar, Maps … are tools to help you. Thanks to their great effects, you will make the right choices for a safe flight. Extreme Landings Pro gives players the full authority to decide the situations and takes responsibility if something goes wrong.


Weather conditions, explosions, … difficulties in every flight. You should always keep an eye on the element and keep it in a safe zone. Many decisions must be made, such as discarding fuel in order to stabilize the aircraft. Extreme Landings Pro will make players feel impatient. But if you leave yourself in that state then it is impossible to complete the game.

Extreme Landings Pro mod android

Become an excellent pilot and take part in tough long flights. Players can set foot in new lands, explore larger aeroplanes. Each level leaves players with a lot of interesting impressions. Download Extreme Landings Pro mod to ensure safety for your every takeoff with professional flying skills.

Download Extreme Landings Pro MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android

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Everything is working fine but when i purchase something it get crashed

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keep it up

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