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Updated 28/08/2023 (1 month ago)
NameExercise Timer APK
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Introduce Exercise Timer MOD APK

Many people today inadvertently neglect their health because they are so engrossed in their work. Although now young, there are no apparent signs, but when you get old, you will encounter many problems that will make life more difficult. So, do we care about our health, and how can we improve it daily? Surely nothing helps improve health more effectively than exercise and a healthy diet. But in today’s busy culture, where every second is precious, having a well-timed exercise program is essential. To do that, users need support from Exercise Timer.

Counting the practice time and dividing the appropriate time for each exercise is necessary to make the training process go smoothly. The user cannot do this but requires the presence of timer applications, and Exercise Timer is a highly suitable application to accompany users in the journey of increased training—This health.

Exercise Timer mod android free

Download Exercise Timer mod – Count time and support the training process

Exercise Timer works like a timer and helps users keep track of their workouts. This application is suitable for all exercises, from abdominal exercises, weight loss, meditation, and yoga, or it can also be used to count rest time or working hours. Exercise Timer’s usage is unlimited; users can even design the interface according to their preferences. Do users want to lose weight, improve health or relax after stressful working hours? Exercise Timer will bring efficient exercises and can meet users’ wishes. Self-designing the exercise routine and dividing the time for each movement individually, Exercise Timer allows users to decide how to exercise but still within the necessary framework.

Exercise Timer mod apk free

Record your workout

Exercise Timer will record the user’s exercise in a highly complete and detailed way so they can understand how far they have come on this health journey. This application will list all the practices and all the user’s activities and show the user what exemplary achievements in health care are. Exercise Timer can be downloaded on any device. Still, it is recommended that users use this application on a smartwatch to work efficiently and give the most accurate readings. An exercise Timer will be like an assistant who is always beside you to help record all your efforts and efforts during your workout, from which users will be more motivated to continue on the path—exercise to improve this health.

Exercise Timer mod android

Design the perfect workout time

A user’s workout will include a warm-up, aka warm-up, an activity, interval time, and finally, a rest period. Exercise Timer allows users to allocate time manually for each part of the exercise to suit their strengths, unlike other workout apps, which require users to perform available activities and must complete them within a pre-specified time. Exercise Timer users can personalize their workouts by adding as many exercises as possible. Not only that, but users can also decide how to allocate practice time to suit themselves. In between each exercise, users should perform a 10-second rest or rest for 10 seconds and then another 5 seconds to have enough time to prepare for the next activity.

Exercise Timer mod

Design the theme

One point that sets Exercise Timer apart from other dry workout timers is that it allows users to design and change the application’s interface according to personal preferences. Users can completely change the original primary colour of the Exercise Timer to their favourite colour from blue, red, purple, and yellow to pink, orange, and green. Exercise becomes much more enjoyable when this application brings an eye-catching interface and matches the owner’s personality. More specifically, users can also change the available icons of the application to more cute and funny icons they feel like. Changing the interface seems to have nothing to do with it, but it inspires that user greatly.

Exercise Timer mod apk

Download the Exercise Timer mod to create exercises with a reasonable time allocation and best suited to the user’s strength and ability.

How to Download & Install Exercise Timer MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) for Android

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