EvoCreo MOD APK 1.9.13 (Unlimited money)

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NameEvoCreo APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Training animals has become an art enjoyed by many people around the world. But EvoCreo gives you an even more special kind of training. That is taming monsters with special abilities. Turn them into obedient best friends. With your warriors, challenge and defeat strong opponents. Become the owner of hundreds of monsters with tremendous power. Get ready for an endless adventure with friends.

Belonging to the role-playing genre, EvoCreo owns a pretty eye-catching and simple graphic background. The images are made in classic 2D pixel technology but are not boring. It offers open-world gameplay with lots of different abilities you can make. Going into it, you can interact with a lot of different characters. Discover the great things that the game’s story has to offer. An adventure in a bright and beautiful fantasy world.

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Download EvoCreo mod – Train your monsters to become stronger

Since time immemorial, humans have co-existed with special creatures. They were able to tame and turn them into their pets. Those training techniques are passed on to the next generation so that everyone can learn. Create a society with a colorful mix of humans and monsters. In the role of a young man with an endless passion for learning monsters. You will enter a mysterious journey of self-development. Collect special monsters and fight with strong opponents. Fulfill your dream of becoming the most powerful monster trainer of all time.

When monster battles take place, they will automatically attack each other until they win. This idle mechanism will save you quite a lot of precious time. Make the matches happen fast-paced and suspenseful. This arena is where everything will be determined by strength. You can fight back as you like until you reach your goal.

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Amazing monster

With the variety this world offers, there will be hundreds of different monsters. Each one has a fascinating shape with beautiful details and colors. They will be divided according to the elements in nature, such as fire, water, earth, plants, or thunder… These elements can also interact and counter each other effectively. Countered monsters will have their damage and stamina reduced. It can help them evolve to unlock their hidden abilities. There are a total of three evolutions, and the final form of your monster will look cooler and stronger. Discover amazing monsters with special forms.

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Challenge your friends

After a while of fighting, you have accumulated a strong team. Let’s start testing its power in the challenging PvP mode. All players in EvoCreo can appear here. They will fight each other to find the strong winners. You will be randomly matched with an opponent in the system. Fight hard and defeat them to get valuable rewards. Not only that, but you can also invite your friends to the matches. Outstanding skills will be shown to prove your level. Your training rewards will be displayed in the results.

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The arduous journey

Our main character, with a great love for monsters, decided to explore the world. This is how talented people always do to become stronger. Along the way, you will meet many friends with different personalities. They are also people who share the same goal of self-improvement. Travel together to new lands, where new monsters reside. Collect and tame them all to enrich your collection. Meet the bad guys and defeat them to put an end to the cunning plots. Learn more from the strongest warriors to draw lessons for yourself.

You do not need a constant internet connection for this game. It only works to unlock online modes and major events. Players can fully enjoy more than 30 hours of offline play with a full story. You can play anytime and anywhere you want as long as you have the device. Ensure the progress of the formation of the squad and freely customize the parameters of the monster. This exciting journey will be your chance to practice your skills in EvoCreo mod. Show everyone your endless talent and passion.

Download EvoCreo MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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