Epic Race 3D MOD APK 200256 (Unlocked skins)

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NameEpic Race 3D APK
PublisherGood Job Games
MOD FeaturesUnlocked skins
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Remember the funny races in Run Race 3D? Once again, they will be back in the game Epic Race 3D. Delivers a marked improvement over the previous game. Epic Race 3D focuses on races in a more realistic 3D environment. You will move and follow every movement of the characters. Challenges and obstacles will be what players care most about. They are simulated based on many famous fitness game shows in the world. All skills including parkour, acrobatics, endurance… All appear in this game. Without entering the most significant race and showing your talent, what are you waiting for?

Epic Race 3D brings together many challenges and obstacles for players to compete with their opponents. They do not lie on a fixed path but always combine in a particular way. Force players to use a lot of different skills to pass. You may not know it, but these obstacles are based on real challenges. Most of them are inspired by many TV shows. If you’ve seen them before, you’ll know how to pass. If not, find out from now on in the game.

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Download Epic Race 3D mod – Overcome your opponents and reach the finish line with ultimate parkour skills

You and your opponent will run together and overcome the challenges ahead, starting from a safe area. A status bar in the upper corner of the screen shows everyone’s position in the match. The closer you are to the flag, the closer you are to the finish line. Determine your exact current position to prepare for the challenges ahead. The audience around the race always cheered and cheered for the contestants, including you. So that will be a great source of motivation for you to move forward. When you have passed all the challenges and touched the finish line, the race will be over. Your ranking will be updated, and the first person to finish will be honored.

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Tough challenges

It is not natural that the challenges in Epic Race 3D are judged to be beyond human endurance. There are many unique challenges, such as overcoming ladders that you have to hang yourself on. Otherwise, it will fall into the water and be counted as a loser. Cross the bridge with the giant ball waiting to chase you. Run across the moving bridges skillfully. If you lose your balance, a fall into the water is possible. Depending on the race’s difficulty, the challenges will be more and more difficult. You must move your fingers accordingly. Avoid letting the character collide with traps and fall, unfortunately.

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Change the shape of the character

To create your personality, you should use many unique costumes for players. All are available in the shop and can be purchased with in-game currency. You will earn money from many races and depending on your position too. Change skin color to make it easier to distinguish from opponents in races. Put on many unique costumes that are no less funny. All of these have no use but decoration. They provide no power or benefit to the player in the race. Therefore, the use of costumes is not prohibited. On the contrary, it has received many responses because it can make a difference and still be fair.

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Join by available room

If you don’t like to play randomly, you can entirely create a room and invite friends to join you. Epic Race 3D will become even better when more moments of competition with friends. The booking system is also straightforward, with a maximum of 4 people. All stay in the lobby until the host starts the race. This is the simplest and fastest way for you to invite your friends to join. Put on a lot of funny costumes and skin colors together. Prank each other to dominate and get to the finish line as quickly as possible. Any game when playing with friends will be a lot more interesting. The best and most relevant example is Epic Race 3D.

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Overcome many purposeful obstacles placed in the race. Use technique and fingers to control the character to compete perfectly. It would be remiss without the participation of friends in the game. Epic Race 3D is aimed at multiplayer instead of one to break the boring atmosphere. Bring people together in funny races and watch them all vie to win. Download Epic Race 3D mod now if you are looking for an entertaining game with friends.

Download Epic Race 3D MOD APK (Unlocked skins) for Android

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