Epic Monster TD MOD APK (Menu, Damage/ Max attack range) 101

Updated on 28/02/2022 (1 year ago)
NameEpic Monster TD APK
PublisherIron Horse Games LLC
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/ Max attack range
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Monsters are creatures that have a scary appearance and cause adverse effects. But did you know that they can help and become our allies? You can come to Epic Monster TD to verify this if you don’t believe it. This will be a world where monsters are everywhere. Create epic battles that you will have to feel incredibly excited about. Get ready for a journey that can’t be found anywhere else.

We must have heard a lot and even experienced it in tower defense. This is a pretty popular genre with many people and has become popular in the game market. Epic Monster TD is one of the typical representatives with diverse features. What makes the player most interesting is the classic feel of the pixel graphics. Simple but requires relatively high thinking is what everyone is aiming for.

Epic Monster TD mod

Download Epic Monster TD mod – Build the strongest monster army

The homeland of monsters is in danger of being invaded by an army of robots. They have only one goal: to destroy living things and rule the universe. As the leader of the monster alliance, you will lead your army. Arrange the necessary units into the locations indicated on the map. Enemies will begin to approach and move to the gate you and your army guard. The monsters will automatically attack and destroy these targets. After successfully wiping out and stopping the required attacks, you will win.

Try not to let any enemies get through the portal to the monster world. When they pass by a specific number, you will immediately lose. So the most important thing is to combine elements such as squad and upgrade.

Epic Monster TD mod free

Strange monsters

Coming to this monster world, you will see the variety it can bring. Various types of monsters can be summoned and used. Their power is classified by the number of stars obtained, equivalent to rarity. The higher the rarity, the stronger their fundamental attributes and abilities. Each monster will have its unique fighting style and stats. You can utilize them in different locations on the battlefield. After upgrading, the monster’s fighting power will be much higher. You can hunt legendary monsters in the shop with the number of resources you have.

Epic Monster TD mod apk

Complete mission

Don’t worry if you are wondering about the direction you will take in Epic Monster TD. There will be a task board posted for you to perform daily. Here there will be requirements corresponding to the bonuses that players can receive. The more you complete, the more resources you will collect. More for the need to upgrade monsters regularly. Make sure the player’s leveling progress takes place as quickly as possible. This task board will be refreshed after a certain amount of time. Unlock more achievements to get more valuable rewards.

Epic Monster TD mod apk free

The war never ends

Your play in Epic Monster TD will go on continuously with no limits. You will have to take turns fighting with many different types of enemies. Later, the difficulty is pushed higher and forces you to achieve greater strength. Critical stages will appear before you move on to the next progression. In it will be highly terrible confrontations with commanding machines. They are the leaders and have the power to destroy all quickly. If you are not strong enough, you will fail and wait for the next opportunity to defeat them. Conquer victory with your ability.

Epic Monster TD mod android

PvP combat

This gameplay is not too strange for many genres that you may have experienced. This is the mode where Epic Monster TD will allow two players to compete against each other. Points will be calculated based on the achievements in the defenses they achieve. Whoever has the higher score will win and get more benefits. You can join this mode to improve your strategic ability and understanding. More specifically, PvP tournaments will be held every week so that players can win noble titles. Don’t miss anything that Epic Monster TD mod will bring you next.

Download Epic Monster TD MOD APK (Menu, Damage/ Max attack range) for Android

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