Eon Player Pro APK 5.8.1

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NameEon Player Pro APK
CategoryMusic - Audio
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Eon Player Pro is one of the music channels for you. Listen to music and play options on the device interface. Includes tools for you to customize and access playlists. Helping you get the best music listening experience. The application is provided with features for you to use. Listen to music on the formats played by the devices. This is considered a means for users to change the interface for listening to music. Get your own music enjoyment. Change the music playback screen manually to its own color. Arrange your favorite songs by theme.

Listening to music is a familiar form of entertainment for a long time. And today development, many music applications are launched. Brings relaxing music moments. Give you more love of life, reduce the stress in everyday life. Discover lots of the latest music and songs. Eon Player Pro is an application with songs. For users to customize playlists and music folders. Bring features and allow users to customize themselves. Eon Player Pro will let you design your own music categories. Your own colors and arrangements. Besides, Amazon Music and SoundHound are also some of the music software that many people choose.

Eon Player Pro mod

Download Eon Player Pro mod – Design interface to listen to music

A music player will be displayed the way you want. Music folders for each different music theme. Eon Player Pro brings together the tools you can use. Application with good songs to listeners. You love music and want to create music categories. Eon Player Pro will be an option just for you. Discover the new features that Eon Player Pro brings. Experience music with a completely different interface. Bring a new look with its own colors. Go to the audio files provided by the application. Make the clearest viewing of music folders.

Eon Player Pro mod free

Home screen

On the home page, there will be a section with all the songs and the artist’s name. Music albums and those genres. You will be the one who can organize them individually. Or you can delete the items you want. Change the positions you have sorted. This is where you customize everything yourself. Each song with each type of music will be in a category. Thus, when searching for music will also be easier. Right on the home page will clearly display music items. The user chooses and ranks the way you want. Make the music playback scientific and you will choose the fastest listening songs.

Eon Player Pro mod apk

Search for songs

The number of songs is immense. Diverse different genres. Eon Player Pro will also let you search for the songs you love. Listen to and feel each song’s melody. Eon Player Pro provides quick search tools. Each song will bring you unique emotions. Finding a song in Eon Player Pro is not difficult. Select the music you want to listen to. Finding yourself a song is too easy. Eon Player Pro allows users to blend into each lyric. Giving you an emotional music space.


An application that gives users many features. Play music on most formats like mp3, m4a… To fit all the devices you use. Customize your own folders and music playback screen. You will be the one to manage and organize your own music libraries. Your own music folder maker. The sound and images are extremely high quality. For you to have moments of full enjoyment. There are also filters for folders. Search for music by many topics, choosing according to your own preferences. Eon Player Pro both lets you listen to music and lets you customize your music catalog. Integrating many features brought to the user.

Eon Player Pro mod android

Eon Player Pro application with tools for you to find music. Collection of best songs and genres. Is an application for users to customize folders to listen to music. The display plays music according to your own arrangement and shows your style. Gives users a full range of features. Download Eon Player Pro mod designed for music player interface in its own way.

Download Eon Player Pro APK for Android

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