EnhanceFox MOD APK 5.4.2 (Unlocked Pro)

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NameEnhanceFox APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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After taking a good photo and discovering it’s blurry, it’s frustrating. That’s why EnhanceFox was born. This is an application that can restore a blurred image to its original state. You might think this is impossible. But it is genuine, and you can make a blurred photo return to its original form. The reason is that the intelligent AI system has helped the pixels be restored to their original state. Low-resolution photos will be converted to the extent you desire.

EnhanceFox can be considered an advanced photo editing tool with many outstanding features. Not only can we remove the bad points in an image, but we can also restore the blurred parts. Turn an old photo into absolutely clear and perfect. Use EnhanceFox to revive your memories. Turn an obscure work into a photographic masterpiece. With AI technology to help restore the clearest pixel. You will be surprised by how obvious the effect it brings.

EnhanceFox mod

Download EnhanceFox mod – Turn blurry photos into high-quality photos

Bringing users the most straightforward photo editing and shooting experience, EnhanceFox uses AI technology to analyze pixels in any image. After the scan is complete, it will base on the features needed to make the vision sharp again. Replace with more extra pixels and make the photo a lot more realistic. It is possible that its results will not be completely accurate compared to reality. Sharpening a blurred image is also a great way to review many of your memories. Or make them as perfect as possible. Make that photo look classy and highly technical.

EnhanceFox mod free

Compare resolution

Choose any photo of you that has blurry and out-of-focus points. We will start restoring them to their original state. To do this, EnhanceFox will compare the pixels of the old photo. Then do the replacement and addition to increase the number of pixels. From there, the image will be sharper and highlight more essential details. This method works very well with all types of images. Even the fainter the image, the more dramatic the results will be. Past photos can also be sharpened as perfectly as possible.

EnhanceFox mod apk

Enhance photos to many levels

Want your photos to look more professional and technical than your normal photos? Surely EnhanceFox will help you do this. Convert images to digital and HD. Make them more professional. When looking at them, it will feel like they have been edited by a professional photographer. Sometimes these photos even show that they were taken with high-tech digital cameras. There is no limit that EnhanceFox cannot reach as long as they are all guaranteed to a relative degree. The photos after editing will not be completely accurate compared to reality.

EnhanceFox mod apk free

Clearing display errors when shooting

Sometimes taking any picture, there is a chance that it is affected by software or environmental bugs. These photos will have any black patches or yellow stains. This is very inconvenient for everyone because it can be an essential photo and cannot be retaken. Then use filters to remove those flaws from the image. EnhanceFox provides filters used to remove unwanted errors that appear in images. Your photos will be much cleaner and neater. Suitable for many different situations, such as applying for jobs or registering for certain activities.

EnhanceFox free

EnhanceFox does not provide absolute perfection when editing blurry photos. But overall, it did an outstanding job. Get rid of many annoying problems people have when taking pictures. EnhanceFox mod is quite suitable for use in many rare cases.

Download EnhanceFox MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android

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