Endel MOD APK (Subscribed) 3.102.682

Updated 20/09/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameEndel APK
PublisherEndel Sound GmbH
MOD FeaturesSubscribed
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce Endel MOD APK

Physical and mental health also need attention and attention every day because if the mind is not stable, it will lead to countless terrible consequences that we cannot foresee. Sound is one of the most effective methods to care for mental health. This familiar traditional method always brings unexpected results, and users can completely use the method. This is whenever you want without causing any interruption to work or other activities in life. Endel is one of the top apps that use sound to heal users, and it’s highly recommended that users have this app on their devices to improve their mental health daily.

This is an application that users suffering from insomnia during the period should not ignore because it can reduce fatigue and remove the positivity that is besieging the user’s mind quickly. Endel is a great space to help users improve concentration, relax their minds after stressful working moments and sleep better with soothing sounds.

Endel mod

Download Endel mod – Take care of your mental health with great sounds

Endel is an application capable of helping users focus, relax, recover and sleep better thanks to the power of a rich collection of sounds. This application will support all activities in the user’s daily life, from work to entertainment, to gradually improve mental health and brain and increase productivity. Possessing core AI technology patented and tested by industry experts, users can use this app’s sonic healing method with complete peace of mind. Endel will request access to personal data such as the user’s location, surroundings and heart rate to create sounds best suited to their current state and circadian rhythm.

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Various genres of sounds

Endel exposes users to many different genres of sound designed to meet the daily needs of users’ lives, so users can flexibly change depending on the purpose of use. Each type of sound will carry a particular function, such as Deep work, which will help users to focus for a long time, can not be distracted or affected by external factors, and Power Nap will be a perfect choice to help users have a short sleep but still provide enough energy so that when they wake up, they will be highly refreshed, not tired. Endel has collaborated with countless innovative artists and thinkers, such as Miguel, Richie Hawtin, Alan Watts, Grimes, and James Blake, each offering a unique sound style.

Endel mod android free

Enhance concentration

It can be said that focusing on working or studying for a long time is something that not everyone can do, but with Endel’s support, this will not be too difficult anymore. A perfect choice for users who are students or adults who have stable jobs and always need to be highly focused to complete the assigned tasks. This application provides specific sounds explicitly designed to serve the user’s work process; play those sounds while you need to focus, and there will no longer be any elements that can be. Distract the user. Now, users will no longer need to worry about their lack of concentration; even working continuously for a long time is not a problem.

Endel mod android

It helps to sleep soundly and full of energy

Endel can calm the user’s mind and relieve stress and depression. This application is guaranteed to give users a good night’s sleep after a stressful day of work and study with soothing melodic music and wonderful sounds of beautiful nature. Sleep plays a vital role in everyone’s life, providing energy for a long day of users, so Endel attaches great importance to taking care of sleep health for users. In addition to the available sounds, the application also relies on the user’s state, circadian rhythm, location, weather, environment, and heart rate to create separate sounds that suit the user. Endel has been tested by experts and loved by millions so that users can trust it.

Endel mod apk

Download Endel mod to improve all life activities and sleep better, thanks to an intelligent sound system with all necessary genres.

How to Download & Install Endel MOD APK (Subscribed) for Android

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