Eiyu*Senki MOD APK (Menu, High HP/onehit) 1.5.16

Updated 03/12/2021 (2 years ago)
NameEiyu*Senki APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, High HP/onehit
SupportAndroid 4.4+

Introduce MOD APK Eiyu*Senki

Domination of the world is something few dare to think about and only in fantasy movies. But you can ultimately achieve this by participating in Eiyu*Senki. Search for the most powerful and talented female warriors everywhere. Join them to conquer different lands and defeat enemies. Take control of all and become the unmatchable lord. Who knows, your potential could be even more incredible?

Eiyu*Senki is a turn-based role-playing game that appeared a long time ago on the market. Its mechanics are entirely understandable and relatively simple for most players. The context of the game is a mixture of many distinctive cultures. Bring variety to all the gameplay elements you make. Unexpected situations will make the story more enjoyable than ever. Get ready for this never-ending battle.

EiyuSenki mod

Download Eiyu*Senki mod – Adventure and conquer the world

If you are not familiar with this game, we will briefly cover everything. First, you will build a battle squad that you like best. Then it will be to lead these people to fight the armies of enemies in the story. It is possible to select the warrior’s skills to activate during each attack. If your team survives and wipes out the enemies first, the final victory will be won. It’s better not to give the enemy a chance to deal too much damage and gain an advantage. The more you play and study hard, the more exciting knowledge you will earn. From there, know how to build an effective strategy like never before.

EiyuSenki mod free

Many powerful character classes

Eiyu*Senki has nine different character classes for you to choose from and include in your squad. There will be key character types such as tank, assassin, gunner, mage, and swordsman to visualize quickly. Each character class has a unique fighting style and is suitable for a particular position. If you put them in the wrong place, they will be quickly destroyed. It is possible to combine their unique abilities to form a perfect combination. Fully meet the elements of defense as well as an attack not to lose the advantage. Many extraordinary formations bring unexpected effects to your battles.

Powerful equipment

To increase the fighting power of the characters, you need to provide things that bring efficiency. Those are the standard equipment that they will bring to the battle. All will include helmets, armor, gloves, thigh armor, shoes and weapons, and rings or necklaces. This equipment will be divided in power according to its rarity. The weakest are the white items, and the strongest is the legendary orange ones. You can also upgrade these to increase the stats they bring. Increases attack power, resistance, and other factors. Hunt for rare things to make your character stronger.

EiyuSenki mod apk

Create a relationship

Do you have a favorite girl in your squad? Then proceed to establish a relationship with them right away. That girl can ultimately become your love openly and quickly, and you need to do all the interactive actions to increase the level of affection. Along with that, give her precious items to bring sweet and romantic happiness. If you sacrifice everything for that person, you will get what you deserve. You can then unlock a lot of hidden features once you’ve officially become lovers. There are undoubtedly many exciting things waiting for you to discover.

EiyuSenki mod android

Explore the world

You will have a feature in the form of a simulated worldwide battle map expressly set up. If you look there, you will see the essential places that you need to conquer. Each level has an increasing difficulty, and the reward also increases. The further you go, the stronger you are and can get more valuable things. The enemies your team encounters are also highly diverse, with many very nasty abilities. Don’t look down on them, but be sure if you decide to attack. You can shoot to probe the opponent’s situation at any time you want. Go to new lands with more potential.

Your journey in Eiyu*Senki mod has many other extraordinary things. Very suitable to play anywhere and whenever you have the opportunity to entertain yourself.

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