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Updated 03/06/2024 (2 weeks ago)
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Introduce MOD APK Earthquake Network Pro

Earthquakes are always a scary disaster and a core problem for many countries throughout history. Therefore, many earthquake alarm devices have been developed today. Typically, Earthquake Network Pro that I will introduce to you shortly. Based on the Earthquake Network project of many climatologists, we can predict earthquakes occurring at our location over different periods. If you’ve never experienced an earthquake, you’re in luck. If you have been in a place with frequent earthquakes since ancient times, it will be a big problem that needs to be solved.

A tool capable of predicting earthquakes in many places around the world. Earthquake Network Pro is based on satellites and a lot of factors about wind, sea… To be able to predict when an earthquake will take place. You are a user, so it only takes a few simple steps to use it. Although, at present, its earthquake predictions are not entirely accurate. But large earthquakes can still be detected thanks to this application instantly.

Earthquake Network Pro mod

Download Earthquake Network Pro mod – Earthquake forecast everywhere

Use an innovative phone network that connects many parts of the world. Earthquake Network Pro can rely on that to identify unusual movements. From there, it can inform the possibility of an earthquake occurring in a specific location. It will report to you on the screen the earthquakes that have occurred near you. If so, there is a minimal chance that there will be another earthquake. Get data from earthquakes around the world. Standardly measured is the Richter starting at 0.0 degrees. All tools have a role to play in determining the timing and scale of earthquakes.

With this Pro version, you can be equipped with many more unique tools. Make earthquake notification as early and timely as possible. It includes an upcoming earthquake notification system by voice. The virtual agent will announce every element of that earthquake: Estimated time, magnitude, advice for when an earthquake occurs, hazardous areas to avoid… You get priority chat during the session Pro version. Aim to seek the most practical advice from weather experts.

Earthquake Network Pro mod free

Large map system

Naturally, you will have a large world map. Show location and coordinates most clearly will be around where you are. That’s why you need to enable GPS mode on your smartphone. It will first scan the terrain where you live. From indicators such as altitude, humidity, wind direction, geographical location… It can determine the probability of an earthquake in your place or not. The stars shown on the map are the places where earthquakes occur most often. Based on that, you can know when your area will have an earthquake. However, this possibility is only relative, and you do not need to worry too much about it.

Earthquake Network Pro mod apk

The scale of the magnitude of an earthquake

There are many different degrees of a given earthquake, from just the usual slight shaking to the point of collapsing an entire building. Each type of such earthquake will be classified at three different levels. The first degree is average, and earthquakes of this magnitude are probably the most frequent. In addition to just shaking slightly, there is the possibility of dropping some objects. The second level is vital, which can be dangerous to people and important things. At this level, you should seek shelter as quickly as possible. The third and highest level is extreme. They are so dangerous that they can cause many buildings to collapse.

Earthquake Network Pro mod apk free

Connect and report earthquakes

Designed exclusively for Earthquake Network Pro, which are channels for connecting networks on a global scale. You can use this place to text, talk about earthquake-related topics. Even if an earthquake occurs, immediately seek shelter. At the same time, you can bring your smartphone, go to the application and update the chat channel. Would you please inform the experts that there is an earthquake in your location? You will receive advice and actions to take in the event of an earthquake. Survival depends entirely on your agility and quick reactions. But we still have to be equipped with a lot of necessary knowledge to avoid unfortunate situations.

Earthquake Network Pro free

Although it does not predict earthquakes with absolute accuracy, Earthquake Network Pro is still under development to notify you of dangerous earthquakes. In addition, equipping a disaster warning application will give you a lot more peace of mind in hazardous situations. Know that one day the Earthquake Network Pro mod itself will be the tool you need most when in an emergency.

How to Download & Install Earthquake Network Pro APK for Android


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