Earth Inc. MOD APK (Unlimited Gem/Coin/menu) 3.3.2

Updated 09/06/2024 (1 week ago)
NameEarth Inc. APK
PublisherTreetop Crew
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gem/Coin/menu
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Earth Inc.

Have you ever thought about owning a leading business in the world economy? Earth Inc. can give players this amazing experience, not only on earth but also spread to other planets. Own an ore mining company with the task of digging earth and mining ore in the ground. Of course, if only on earth, anyone can do it. Your job is to unlock neighboring planets and earn money from them. Start a small business, use all the resources you have to grow. All operations of the game are relatively simple, with touches and swipes to handle the job.

Initially, without much experience, you can hire experienced workers from other places. Dig deep into the earth to discover rare ores. Be it gold, silver, iron, diamonds, minerals, ancient copper, … The deeper you go into the ground, the higher the chance of having rare and precious products. The mining process is automated by basic swipes. The money earned use it reinvested in the construction of facilities and support equipment. Your staff holds a specialized shovel in hand. Huge lumps of earth and rock were transferred from the underground transmission line. Each time you click on the screen, the shovel blade will chop down.

Earth Inc. mod apk

Download Earth Inc. mod – Become the owner of the leading ore mining business in the universe

In a peaceful earth setting, overexploitation can also negatively affect the earth. It is necessary to balance and harmonize natural and human factors. If it feels like it has begun to reach the core area, affect the earth. Players can stop to find new areas or set up mining rigs on another planet. Track on the map the distribution of ore areas to the topography of the continents. The sea with the presence of cargo ships. The mining area features a burning orange flame and an ore mining machine. Mining from day to day, from area to area,…

Earth Inc. android

Miner investment

Earth Inc. provide a full and rich team of miners. With many different types of employees, from novices to seasoned miners. In the board there are cards on which there are avatars of your miners and miners you can buy. The staff wears a black vest and a worker’s helmet. The penguin is no exception. There is also a housewife wearing a purple shirt, glasses and silver gray hair. Her hand holds a rolling pin. The prince wears a red robe and has a golden crown on his head. The archaeologist, wearing a brown suit, is eager to discover rare artifacts.

Earth Inc. apk free

Building a company

Having a staff, players also need a place for them to rest outside of work. The company headquarters is located on the frontage of a modern national highway. With gray as the main color with the earth globe symbol on the terrace. Every time you come to a new planet, the player has to build a building like this. Employees can choose this as a place to rest and entertain. When the weather changes, the clock showing the temperature of the air also changes. When it is summer, the copper is yellow, and in winter, it will appear blue and white snowflakes. Orange taxis, ice cream cones passing by on the street.

Earth Inc. mod

Mining and support

During the mining process, sometimes the player may encounter difficulties. Enter the upgrade area to upgrade and buy support cards. Because when the player smashes rocks, there are gold coins falling from these rocks. There is a white virtual hand that assists the player in collecting these gold coins. Players can use money to upgrade it so that it picks up money for you faster. Because if you don’t pick it up quickly, these coins will disappear. In addition, upgrading miners also helps the mining process to go faster. With less hits, but was able to break the rock. There are also cards like the rain of gold coins, or each touch has a double impact,…

Earth Inc. apk

Going to many different planets, players can mine new ores. The ores are black, gray, copper yellow, milky white, etc. Each type contains different gems. In addition, during mining, players can encounter gift chests. Opening, you can get interesting rewards such as new miners, gold coins, and upgrade cards,…Co when you can even exploit an ancient pharaoh’s tomb. Download Earth Inc. Mining mod on earth and throughout neighboring planets.

How to Download & Install Earth Inc. MOD APK (Unlimited Gem/Coin/menu) for Android


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